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Hyuna posing in her underwear is really a hottie

Fermín Gómez
3 min read

Without a doubt, Hyuna is known for possessing one of the most enviable bodies in the k-pop industry.

And since good things have to be shown off, the sought-after idol has no problem showing herself almost naturally when it comes to a photo shoot where she can show off her enviable physique.

Calvin Klein Image

Becoming the image of the well-known clothing brand Calvin Klein was the perfect excuse for Hyuna to share via Instagram some of the photos with the succinct garments of that fashion house.

As we can all appreciate, the results were very suggestive. His thousands of followers did not take long to blow up the networks with comments of various caliber, some quite risqué.

Although most comments were positive. Many praised the stylized figure of the idol.

Hyuna posing in her underwear is really a hottie – Showbiz – WebMediums
“She makes simple looking underwear look fabulous,” commented one of her followers. “Oh her body, definitely an example!” wrote another of her fans. "Simply wonderful"

Fashion brand ambassador

Hyuna became an ambassador for the Calvin Klein clothing brand for the “CK-One x Hyuna” collection, sporting a lingerie line inspired by herself.

Her thousands of followers have been waiting impatiently for the release of these types of photos since the idol was known to be appointed as brand ambassador.

So as soon as the first images of the collaboration were leaked, the networks showed all the enthusiasm of the kpopers who have Hyuna as one of their main stars.

Hyuna posing in her underwear is really a hottie – Showbiz – WebMediums

A motto to raise self-esteem

Hyuna's collection with Calvin Klein has a slogan designed to improve people's self-esteem.

“I love every part of me”, is the chosen phrase.

The main objective of the message is to motivate women to love their own body, regardless of details such as age or physical proportions of each one.

It is evident that not everyone can have Hyuna's enviable body, so these types of messages are very positive for the public, in addition to seeking to increase sales.

Controversy generated by those photos

However, not all South Korean fans were happy with those kinds of photos. Some questioned "the little modesty" that the artist had to agree to pose half-naked for Calvin Klein.

In addition to the constructive criticism, the inevitable "trols" soon appeared, who did not hesitate to insult Hyuna with epithets of various caliber for her participation in that photo session in lingerie.

And it is not the first time that the South Korean artist has been attacked for her particular sense of fashion.

On a previous occasion, she was harshly questioned for showing an "Afro" hairstyle. When she showed it on her official Instagram account, they came to accuse her of "cultural expropriation."

But this type of criticism does not affect the beautiful singer, who has declared on more than one occasion that she does not pay more attention to the negative comments that malicious people make about her life.

Perhaps she did not want to say it directly, but many call envy the feeling that this type of criticism generates.