Jimin reveals what is the reason for BTS's success

Cristian García
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Recently, a new episode of Bring The Soul was released, where Jimin would be making a variety of revelations about BTS's success and the reasons for it. In this way, the idol would be generating a great reflection that would be moving the ARMY and that would help to understand the reasons why this K-pop group is so successful worldwide.

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In this new episode of Bring The Soul, Jimin would be wondering why this group is so successful. Thus, he would enter into a reflection with himself to know the true meaning of all this. The answer would have left more than one of his fans amazed and admired.

Jimin points out the reason for BTS's success

Jimin confessed that he is an extremely thoughtful person and that he always questions everything. Therefore, the idol always asks himself thousands of questions when he is alone. In this way, one of them would have been why BTS is so successful, and why they are and not other K-pop groups that try much harder:

When I am in my room, I start to think about many things. One of them is the fact that people care about me.

In addition, the idol was sincere in pointing out that BTS did everything that other K-pop artists did, but for some reason, it served them much more:

It may be because we work a lot, but who doesn't? Others create great music and do their best work, so why us? In our interviews, we always talk about how close we are and how we try so hard to communicate with our fans, but it's not just us. Everyone else does.

In the end, Jimin indicated that all their success was due to the fact that BTS members are not perfect and that they have certain weaknesses that make them more appreciable than others:

I think people know the answer. I think people like us, not because we are perfect, but quite the opposite. We have many weaknesses. That's the reason.
Minute 2:10.

Thus, Jimin would have indicated that showing their weaknesses and weak sides makes BTS stand on top, unlike the other idols who always try to be perfect and show the best side of themselves. For this reason, the ARMY would be extremely moved by all these profound statements.