K-pop group Red Velvet accused of plagiarism by fashion brand Paris99

Cristian García
2 min read

The famous SM Entertainment agency group Red Velvet recently returned to the music industry with their famous track Umpah Umpah. In this way, some promotional images of the entire concept of that single would have been released, which would be very similar to a series of photos previously published by the fashion brand Paris99.

K-pop group Red Velvet accused of plagiarism by fashion brand Paris99

The entire case of alleged plagiarism was mentioned by the K-pop community, who showed the similarity between the conceptual images of Red Velvet's latest project and the photographs for one of the Paris99 ad campaigns.

In the images you can see a comparison between the country style of the members of Red Velvet and an identical style seen by the models of the Paris99 campaign. What has been highlighted of all has been the clothing and the environment so similar between both visual projects?

The representative of Paris99 made a publication on the Instagram account of that brand, expressing his wish for SM Entertainment, agency representing Red Velvet, to make a statement talking about all this similarity between the conceptual images of the K-pop girl group and of the advertising campaign of said fashion company.

Despite all this, SM Entertainment has not yet clarified the matter or commented on the similarity of Red Velvet's concept with the images of Paris99. Therefore, a variety of rumors have arisen about a plagiarism carried out by said agency when thinking about the return of said K-pop group.

Red Velvet recently made a comeback with their song Umpah Umpah, which has become an immediate hit thanks to the variety of styles that the single features. This shows that it is still one of the top K-pop girl groups today.