EXO's Lay attacks the K-pop industry and indicates that he would never let his children be famous

Cristian García
2 min read

Lay, a former member of EXO, has become much talked about today due to his recent statements about supporting the Hong Kong police following crackdowns in recent Hong Kong protests. Even so, everything seems to indicate that the artist will continue to give something to talk about these days, because of a recent interview where he made comments that generated great controversy in the K-pop community.

EXO's Lay attacks the K-pop industry and indicates that he would never let his children be famous

The interview was conducted for the famous Pear Video portal, where a series of questions was asked that would awaken Lay's sincere opinions. Thus, everything would start with a simple question where the singer was asked to answer about whether he would encourage young people to enter the world of entertainment or K-pop.

The singer-songwriter's response was quite sincere, indicating that he would encourage them if this is his dream, although he would never do it with his children : "I would encourage any young man who dreams about it... but if it were my son? I would not really encourage him"

Lay also made it clear that he would prefer his children to get a profession and be lovers of the arts, even if he never wanted them to become artists like him. All this seems to indicate that the singer does not feel satisfied with the entertainment and K-pop industry, which would generate great controversy among said community.

The singer also made it clear that if he had a daughter and wanted to be an actress, he would try to prevent it as much as possible. This could raise suspicions about the treatment of female artists in the entertainment industry.

With all this, Lay has made it clear that the Korean entertainment industry is not very pleasant or fair, raising suspicions about everything that happens behind the scenes. The singer has previously shown some discomfort about his life as an idol, leading him to generate certain conflicts with the SM Entertainment agency.