Kang Daniel along with BTS's V, RM, and Jungkook to be the first idols to take his name to Mars

Cristian García
2 min read

Recently, NASA published the list of names that will be taking to Mars for the next space mission in 2020. In this way, various members of the K-pop community have investigated this list to find out which Korean musical artists have decided to send their names to this well-known planet.

Kang Daniel along with BTS's V, RM, and Jungkook to be the first idols to take his name to Mars

Famous soloist Kang Danie l, who recently released his track What are you up, was one of the first idol names to appear on the list of names to be taken to Mars. All this would reflect the love and passion that the K-pop singer has for outer space, becoming one of the first people to perform such a feat that NASA would be granting.

BTS's RM has also decided to enter his name on the list, through what would become his personal name Kim Namjoon. Thus, the famous rapper of this group would be fulfilling a new one of the many feats that he would have achieved during his life and his musical career.

Namjoon will not be the only artist from this group to take his name to Mars. Thus, we can see that Taehyung would also be on the list of names published by NASA, which would reflect that his fans or ARMY would be extremely happy that the idol can achieve another of their great wishes.

Another member of BTS who will carry his name to Mars will be Jungkook. The K-pop artist has already indicated his charm for outer space, so it would not have been strange that he decided to join the list that NASA would be offering. Thus, the ARMY have already congratulated him on achieving this important achievement in his life.

For now, these would be the names that the K-pop community has managed to detect in the list published by NASA. For all this, all the fans of these artists would be extremely excited and happy to see that their idols are going to achieve an achievement that very few people have achieved today.