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Karol G stood out with her first concert of 'La bichota' in Bogotá

Luis Rafael
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Karol G stood out with her first concert of 'La bichota' in Bogotá
Karol G stood out with her first concert of 'La bichota' in Bogotá

The Colombian singer has become the center of attention of the media after the presentation at the Movistar Arena, in Bogota

Karol G was presenting his first concert of the " BIchota Tour " in the Colombian capital, which was attended by 15 thousand fans.

Saturday May 21, 2022 was the initial date of the world concert series of the artist of 'Me llamas'. In the show, she presented her best-known singles from her recent musical EPs and the first songs that have accompanied her since the beginning of her career. In addition, he had a special meeting with 'Rafael Santos Díaz'.

Diomedes Díaz's son offers Karol G a gift during his concert

'Rafael Santos Díaz', son of Vallenatero Diomedes Díaz, took the stage during the presentation of the urban artist to thank her and give her a gift from her family.

The young man spread the moment through his Instagram account, where he was seen with Karol G offering him a musical collection of vallenato and some beautiful words.

"With much love, we wanted to share our musical legacy with you, that of the Díaz dynasty, so that you can enjoy it because we know that you like good vallenato", declared 'Rafael Santos Díaz' via Instagram.

The musical collection was a complete special edition of ' Diomedes Díaz ', where versions never before published by the artist and unreleased songs stood out. The Colombian artist loves the music of 'Cacique'. In addition, for which he publicly thanked the Díaz family for attending the event.

“God bless you today, tomorrow and always and thank you for inviting us to the concert in Bogotá. Thank you very much, we will be there accompanying”, finished Karol G during his Show.

About 'Bichota Tour 2022'

Karol G 's new urban music tour has marked one of the most anticipated shows of her fandom due to the postponement of her first official dates.

The series of concerts began its first date in the city of Bogotá, attracting the attention of 15,000 people who sang songs like 'Tusa' and 'Provenza'.

The urban artist decided to mark the beginning of her concert series in the best way of all, that's why she performed 15 original songs at her show in Bogotá, Colombia.

However, the following shows will be made up of 10 singles, not counting the performances with special guests at each show.

Karol G sang with Andrés Cepeda in his show

The singer from Colombia affirmed that, in each of her presentations, she will have the participation of a guest artist.

The main guest of the show at the Movistar Arena was 'Andrés Cepeda', the Colombian singer and actor starring in 'You are missing me'.

During the concert, he arrived with a bouquet of flowers in his hand and went up on stage with 'Bichota' to give him his present. It was one of the moments most praised by the fans and they rumbled on stage with their interpretation of 'Day after day', the famous success of the artist who managed to position himself in the top 10 of Spotify.

The artist Karol G paused in the middle of her presentation to express all the emotion and joy she felt for working with Cepeda, for the first time in her artistic career.