Lizzo declares herself a fan of BTS and rumors of collaboration awaken

Cristian García
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Lizzo is perhaps one of the most famous singers on the current scene. In this way, the artist has achieved incredible success in the United States, which is why she is always in the public spotlight. In this way, he recently participated in a video for YouTub and where he could have heard, for the first time, BTS leaving what would be his first impression.

Lizzo declares herself a fan of BTS and rumors of collaboration awaken
Edition: NYLON

Lizzo participated in a video for the famous YouTube channel, CBC Music, where she would have been made to listen to a variety of artists, including BTS. Thus, the artist would have given her first impression of what would be the first time she heard any song by said boy band. As expected, it has been extremely positive.

Lizzo declares herself a fan of BTS and asks to collaborate with the K-pop group

Lizzo's reaction was extremely positive, indicating that she had loved it and that she knew why the boy band had so many fans today. Thus, the artist would have declared a new ARMY indicating that she would want to collaborate, in the future, with BTS.

Lizzo also highlighted the charm of said group, indicating, with a graceful tone, that she would even end up having sex with all the members of BTS in case of any collaboration. The reality is that everything would be entirely a joke, causing the artist to generate another variety of quite funny comments.

In this way, Lizzo would have published a video to her Instagram account asking said group to collaborate with her. The video is accompanied by a performance by BTS, although the audio was modified to include a song by Lizzo. All this would be raising rumors about a possible collaboration between these artists.

It remains to be confirmed if BTS would be collaborating with Lizzo, although everything seems to indicate that this artist would not be resting until her dream comes true. Therefore, it is possible that in the near future we will get to see this long-awaited collaboration between the boy band and the North American artist.