Nick Jonas' sad moment on MTV

Suria Ibañez
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Nick Jonas' sad moment on MTV – Showbiz – WebMediums

The Jonas brothers after many years are finally together. And in what way! This trio of handsome men has returned and has done it in a big way, they have returned to be present at MTV and from what we could see they certainly had fun, but sometimes not everything is good or at least it is not always fun.

A few weeks ago Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas suffered a terrible loss, and it was their little dog. The blow was so great that they had to attend therapy because the way in which their little friend was taken from them was disastrous, however it seems that this pair of handsome men is back, and that event seems that only reinforced their relationship even more.

However, between these brothers not everything is happiness and love and this was reflected in a photograph that was taken on MTV in which the loneliness that one of them lives is evident, it is sad when in happy moments we have no one to hug or kissing in the sphere of a couple that is why we have all felt identified and identified with him.

While a couple of Jonas kissed and hugged their partners, one of them was left out and was just in the middle of that love. At some time in life we have all been Nick Jonas, we can see in his face resignation and grace for the moment, however, while everyone laughs, Nick seems uncomfortable and how many of us have not gone out with our friends and been the wrong third? Of course, it is something very normal! Long live the singles! Undoubtedly many would like to be there to comfort this handsome man in such an uncomfortable but funny moment, so #todossomosnickjonas.

Nick Jonas' sad moment on MTV – Showbiz – WebMediums