What are the MTV Video Music Awards?

Suria Ibañez
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What are the MTV Video Music Awards? – Showbiz – WebMediums

The MTV Video Music Awards are tomorrow, and we have heard a lot about them, that if the MTV this, which is nominated X artist, however the question now is: What are the MTV Video Music Awards? Well, these awards are also known as VMA, their history dates back 35 years, they were created in 1984. A television channel was created by MTV and hence its name.

These awards were similar to the Grammy Awards and arose to reward the best music videos, however they were transformed into the music industry, currently they are held every year and have some variations depending on the region, for example; the MTV Latin America Awards, MTV Europe Music Awards, MTV Asia Awards, MTV Australia Video Music Awards, MTV Russia Music Awards, MTV Video Music Awards Japan and some more.

The award appears to be an astronaut and thanks to this it has the name of "man from the moon", it was created from the first year they were awarded, that is, in 1984 and the design was in charge of Manhattan Design, this company also designed the channel logo, however its manufacture was in charge of RS Owens.

It was possible to vote online until 2008. The awards were broadcast in September, however, to avoid conflicts and confusion about the event of the twin towers, it was decided to change the date of transmission.

The first year they aired, Madonna performed spectacularly, showing up with a wedding cake and wedding dress for the theme of Like a Virgin.

The singer Whitney Houston also participated in the awards, only she did it until 1986 when the issue of racism was already present and the same rights were being fought for.

Michael Jackson was another of the great artists who appeared at these awards and also received the video vanguard award.

What are the MTV Video Music Awards? – Showbiz – WebMediums