Phone conversations leaked between ex-EXO members Kris Wu and Tao

Cristian García
2 min read

The famous Chinese news outlet ET Today has released a series of conversations between Kris Wu and Tao during one of their meetings with a number of fans. In this way, the true personalities of both Chinese idols, who had previously been part of the famous group EXO, would be revealed.

Phone conversations leaked between ex-EXO members Kris Wu and Tao

The talks were between sasaengs (a name given to obsessed idol fans), Kris Wu, and Tao. Thus, all this secret talk between all of them was recorded by their fans and, later, it would be published in the famous Chinese news outlet. What has been surprising has been the attitude taken by both former EXO members?

EXO's Kris Wu and Tao reveal their true personalities in leaked phone conversations

The first leaked conversation would reveal the surprise of both members' fans at being able to communicate with what would be Zi Tao. Thus, the former EXO member would have answered the call and greeted them in a totally calm way. The saesang who spoke with Tao asked to speak with Kris Wu, for which, moments later, said idol would be answering the call and would awaken the emotion of his fan.

In the final moments of the conversation, Kris Wu seems a bit deviant from the conversation, perhaps due to the surprise of taking an unexpected call from one of his fans. Even so, the idol was totally polite and attentive throughout the conversation until the end of it, which would reflect the quality of this K-pop artist.

What has surprised the most of the conversation has been the fact that the saesangs or fans of Kris Wu and Tao were extremely calm throughout the talk, since it is common for Asian fans to be extremely cloudy and scandalous at the time of see your favorite idols?