Police make official statement of f (x) Sulli's death and reveal suicide note

Cristian García
2 min read

Today the tragic news was revealed that f (x) 's Sulli had committed suicide. This fact was confirmed by her manager, who found her dead in her apartment. Recently, the South Korean police have made an official statement revealing extremely shocking details about the death of the artist and, furthermore, they have announced that the idol wrote a suicide letter before performing the act.

Police make official statement of f (x) Sulli's death and reveal suicide note

According to official statements, it was revealed that Sulli was found dead at 3:21 PM in South Korean time. In addition, it has been indicated that her manager had contact with the idol, for the last time, at 6:30 PM the day before. In addition, a brief letter written by the idol would have been found at the place where the member of f (x) was found dead.

Police reveal new details about f (x) Sulli's suicide and emotional letter written by idol revealed

The letter found in f (x) Sulli's home would reveal all kinds of feelings and emotions the artist was going through. Even so, the South Korean police have indicated that they will not reveal said writing to respect the memory of the idol and all her relatives. In any case, this would reflect that there are many K-pop artists who hide their feelings in front of the cameras to try to show a perfect image.

SM Entertianment, Sulli's agency, has made public statements about this event, expressing its displeasure at the news and indicating that the South Korean police are investigating the whole matter to discover the true cause of death of the artist.

At the moment, it has not been confirmed what events caused Sulli to commit suicide. Even so, it has been confirmed that there is no evidence that someone has broken into their home or that they have been induced to commit this degrading and heartbreaking act. Regardless, the K-pop community has come together to pay tribute to the artist and to express the mourning that they are going through.