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Premiere of the second part of "The dolls of the mafia" was a success

Fermín Gómez
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The second part of "The Mafia Dolls" premiered this Monday, July 8, on Canal Caracol, at 10:00 pm It came to continue telling the story of five women victims of drug trafficking and everything they must do to get out of that dark world.

Premiere of the second part of "The dolls of the mafia" was a success

Almost ten years have passed since the release of the first part of "The Mafia Dolls" in September 2009. And the second part premiered on Colombian television on Monday the 8th. The plot places the well-known dolls eight years later., trying to survive the consequences of decisions made in the past and will have to fight against social prejudice to try to rebuild their lives.

Amparo Grisales, who plays "Lucrecia" since the first season of the production, confessed that it was very satisfying for her to meet again with her co-workers for the realization of the second part.

In the first season, Lucrecia travels to Uruguay, where she becomes a great writer, and in her books she told all the stories that she herself had lived in the mafia. She had everything, but the envy of her enemies makes her return to Colombia, without a single peso in her pocket.

The second part of this soap opera has a big change in its cast, because "Brenda", who was played by actress Angélica Blandón, has been replaced by Paola Rey.

For her part, Paula Barreto will be in charge of being the mafia's lawyer. Playing "Martha", who will be in charge of defending drug trafficker Raúl Jiménez, head of the Cartel del Sur, what she did not suspect was that taking on this case would endanger her entire family.

Carla Giraldo is another of the new talents who are part of this second season of The Mafia Dolls playing "Janeth", an actress with a promising career and who stands out precisely for her roles in soap operas that deal with drug trafficking.

Premiere of the second part of "The dolls of the mafia" was a success