Queendom is criticized for results: the show that unites Mamamoo, AOA and Park Bom

Cristian García
2 min read

Recently, a new episode of the famous Mnet series Queendom was released. It would group female idols like Mamamoo, AOA, Park Bom and Oh My Girl, who would compete in various singing duels to discover who is the most talented and important K-pop artist on the current scene. Even so, the latest results of this series would have generated comments of manipulation of results.

Queendom is criticized for results: the show that unites Mamamoo, AOA and Park Bom

This whole series of comments would have been generated due to the poor performance in the scores that artists like (G) I-IDLE had, who would have been considered the best of the night by a large crowd of viewers and K-pop fans. Therefore, it seems that this program would be manipulating its results as it was done previously with PRODUCE X 101.

Queendom generates controversy over latest results and rumors of manipulation of the same are awakened

Queendom has become one of the most watched entertainment shows in South Korea. For this reason, each episode usually has a high rating in the lists of viewers. This is something that has generated great attention in that country with the recent results of said program, which have allegedly been manipulated by Mnet to make certain groups stand out.

Among the multitude of comments, you can read how some netizens or Korean citizens point out how impossible and absurd they were:

This is the reason for the hatred of Mnet. Lovely lip-synched, and yet they were in a better position than other artists. Is seriously? Lovelyz must have been last.

In this way, it would be necessary to wait for official statements by Mnet to know if a manipulation of the results was really carried out or not. What this case seems to point to is that the K-pop community is extremely upset to see Lovelyz above (G) I-DLE. Still, the vote counting was likely entirely legal.