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Remembering T-ara's sexy Jiyeon

Fermín Gómez
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Remembering T-ara's sexy Jiyeon – Showbiz – WebMediums
T-ara's Jiyeon

Park Ji Yeon (Hangul: 박지연) is a singer from the K-pop group, T-ara. She is also a very popular actress in her native country. Better known by her stage name Jiyeon.

She was born in Seoul, the capital of South Korea, on June 7, 1993.

His height is 168 cm and his weight is 51 kg. His zodiac sign is Gemini. Yours blood type is very rare and special: AB.

Early years with T-ara

T-ara (Hangul: 티아라; Hanja: 皇冠; Korean revised Romanization: Tiara) is a South Korean K-pop girl group, owned by MBK Entertainment.

In its beginnings it was made up of Soyeon, Qri, Boram, Eunjung, Hyomin and Jiyeon, with whom they released their first song: Joheun Saram, as part of the soundtrack of the South Korean drama Cinderella Man, in April 2009.

The first casualties of the group were Jiae and Jiwon who withdrew from the group, just two months later.

The group's debut album, titled Absolute First Album, was released in December 2009, and had several hits, including Time to Love, Bo Peep Bo Peep, and Neo Ttaemune Michyeo.

That record was followed by the group's first full-length album, called Temptastic, released in 2010.

His second album: Roly Poly, was released in 2011.

The album's title track of the same title was nominated for several awards and peaked at number one on the South Korean Gaon Chart.

In less than six months, T-ara released their third album: Black Eyes, which contained three Gaon Charts singles: Cry Cry, Uri Saranghaetjanha, and Lovey-Dovey.

In the year 2011, T-ara signed a contract with J-Rock's management company for their debut in Japan. By then it was the most famous of all the South Korean girl groups to debut in that country.

The group's first single in Japan was a cover of the 2009 song: Bo Peep Bo Peep. It reached number one on the Oricon Chart of the country of the rising sun, with almost 50,000 copies sold.

It was the first time that a South Korean K-pop girl band had debuted so high in the history of the Oricon Charts.

T-ara released their first Japanese full-length album, Jewelry Box, in 2012, which peaked at number two on the Oricon Chart.

The group later added three members: Hwayoung in July 2010, Areum in June 2012, and Dani, who joined T-ara in December 2012.

Hwayoung left the group in July 2012.

T-ara used a dynamic unusual for K-pop groups, in which a different member of the group is chosen as the leader for one year, in order to give the group and individual members the opportunity to grow into a new life address independently.

Remembering T-ara's sexy Jiyeon – Showbiz – WebMediums

Jiyeon's versatility

This beautiful artist shows great versatility, as we can see her in sexy photos, as well as in tender poses that steal the hearts of all her fans.

Her elegant way of subtly displaying her slim figure on stage is part of the special charm that this beautiful K-pop singer delights us with.

And when she shows her tender side, we can appreciate the exotic beauty of Asian women. Of which Jiyeon is a highly recognized representative.

Remembering T-ara's sexy Jiyeon – Showbiz – WebMediums

Recent years with T-ara

T-ara's final relaunch as six members was scheduled for May 2017, before Soyeon and Boram's contracts expired.

However, conflicts with the administration delayed said event until June 2017, effectively without their participation.

Qri, Eunjung, Hyomin, and Jiyeon had previously extended their terms with MBK Entertainment until December 31, 2017. However, the group went on indefinite hiatus on January 3, 2018, allowing the girl band members to continue with your solo careers.

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Recordando a la sexi Jiyeon de T-ara
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