Rihanna creates scandal after being late to Fenty event in South Korea

Cristian García
2 min read

Today, Rihanna would have had a special event in South Korea to promote her makeup brand Fenty Beauty. In this way, the artist would have agreed on a meeting time, which she would not have met. For this reason, Rihanna would be generating a great scandal in that country and worldwide due to her great unpunctuality, after taking hours to arrive at the Fenty event.

Rihanna creates scandal after being late to Fenty event in South Korea

Rihanna had arranged to go to the "Artistry and Beauty Talk" section where the artist would be talking about her makeup brand and the importance it has around the world. Even so, the singer and businesswoman had been delayed a few hours, which would have caused the total annoyance of the citizens of South Korea.

Rihanna criticized for being late to South Korea's Fenty Beauty event

The artist was due to appear at 5 p.m. Korean time, although it would have taken until 7:30 p.m. to make her public appearance. Therefore, Rihanna would be giving a lot to talk about due to her lack of punctuality that would denote a certain disrespect for the citizens of South Korea. Therefore, all this news has generated hundreds of thousands of comments among Internet users.

Rihanna had already presented the same event in that country during 2010, when it took more than 50 minutes to make her public appearance before a press conference agreed in that territory. In this way, Internet users from that country have questioned whether the artist has a minimum of respect for the citizens of South Korea.

Despite all this, Rihanna has managed to dazzle with her style presented at the Fenty Beauty event in South Korea. In addition, she has left the audience quite satisfied with all her charm and her moving talk about her makeup line that seeks to mark history in all cultures of the world.