Rosalía and Camila cabello together on MTV

Suria Ibañez
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These pair of hotties just need to get somewhere to attract attention and of course turn the spotlight in their favor. They are two women full of life, full of strength and who have achieved success based on effort and work, thanks to this they have won the affection of all their fans in different parts of the world.

Moments before Camila Cabello took the stage, she was caught dancing very happily with the singer of the catchy song "With height" who was also nominated for some awards.

Everyone expected to hear the theme of "miss" that Camila Cabello would interpret with Shawn Mendes, in fact this act was one of the most anticipated of the night since this pair is one of the couples of the moment. Of course when they appeared the public went crazy because they surprised and captivated with the show, however, nothing less was expected from this pair of lovebirds. Of course the entire audience fell in love with this performance.

However, what really caught our attention was the way in which Camila Cabello spoke with Rosalía because they both seemed very happy passing secrets and judging by the photos it seems that the talk was very interesting.

Rosalía and Camila cabello together on MTV – Showbiz – WebMediums

Incl I use they made memes on Twitter about this pair, referring to their musical success "With height" and of course that was the best thing that the MTV Video Music Awards left us because the fact was undoubtedly very funny.

The outfits of these two women were also all the rage, both with fitted dresses, dreamy makeup and hairstyles that are all the rage. Camila in a feminine and flirty white dress while Rosalía wears a black dress that makes her look phenomenal. Then I leave you the funny joke that a netizen made about these pretty girls.

Rosalía and Camila cabello together on MTV – Showbiz – WebMediums