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SEVENTEEN: History of S. Coups in the Band

Fermín Gómez
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One of the most prominent bands in the k-pop genre in recent years is SEVENTEEN or STV as it is also known.

It is a musical band group that has inspired other artists and has garnered thousands of fans through the lyrics of their songs and interactive choreographies.

This group, from the date of its debut, has always managed to be at the top of the musical arena. The varied role of genres in their performances has permeated the public.

On this occasion, we will dedicate this article to what has been the trajectory of S. Coups in the STV group. So we will know a little more about his beginnings and the projects that he has carried out as part of the group and alone.

Pledis Entertainment, which is a record label based in South Korea, for 2015 launched a k-pop boy group, which in a short time reached great popularity, and of which S. Coups is a member.

Among his many skills, stand out being a dancer, singer, model, rapper, lyricist, and composer.

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Early life

His real name is Choi Seung-cheol. He was born on August 8, 1995 in the Dalseo-gu district of Daegu, South Korea, and is the youngest of two brothers.

From an early age he practiced Taekwondo, a discipline in which he managed to reach the category of black belt.

He is fluent in Korean as his mother tongue and speaks a little English.

He studied at the School of Performing Arts Seoul and graduated in 2014

As for his stage name, the "S" is a tribute to Seungcheol and Seventeen, "Coups" means a great success. That appellation is of his own creation.

He enjoys dancing a lot, he also plays tennis. He finds it interesting to learn languages, read and go to the beach.

His ideal type of girl is one who eats a lot, who is kind and cheerful. He commented in an interview: "A woman who is professional and works hard in her field, as is Nicki Minaj."

Steps of S. Coups in Seventeen

While he was walking down the street, in 2009, S. Coups was caught by a staff member of the Pledis Entertainment label.

Later, he entered the company as a singer. There he spends as a trainee for about 6 years, during which time he dedicates himself to rap.

At first it was thought that he would be part of the group NU'EST, but later it was definitely decided that he would be a member of the group SEVENTEEN.

For the month of May 2015, he is making his debut as the leader of SEVENTEEN. From there, the artist has been part of the production and composition of several songs of the group.

He is part of the SVT HipHop Team unit.

Second single

The boy band's second single, Boys Be, contains the following songs: Fronting, OMG, Rock, When I Grow Up and Mansae, the latter is the title track and has its own video.

S. Coups along with Won Woo, Min Gyu, Woozi, and Vernon actively participated in its making.

This song is characterized by being a strong mix of funk, hip-hop and pop.

The theme Mansae was composed by the aforementioned members of the unit and the singer-songwriter is Kye Bum Zu.

S.Coups collaborations

2015: S.Coups, Woozi, Vernon & Ailee - Q&A

2012: Raina (Orange Caramel) (ft.S.Coups) - Super Woman

Music videos:

Venus - HELLOVENUS (2012)

Face - NU'EST (2012)

Love Letter - Happy Pledis (2011)

Wonder Boy - AS BLUE (2011)

TV programs:

2015: (11/20) (SBS) Baek Jongwon's 3 Kings with Vernon, Hoshi, Mingyu and THE8

Radio programs:

2015: October (MBC) Starry Night with Woozi

2015: June (SBS) Lee Guk Joo with Hoshi and Woozi

Curiosities about S. Coups

He would like to get to dance like Dino, get to know BIGBANG's Taeyang, and aspire to become an actor.

He has a knack for rap, although at first he auditioned with the song " The Man " by Monday Kiz. In company training he became a great rapper.

He has been selected as the most manly of the group.

He belongs to the Hip-Hop Unit which he leads, in addition to being a vocalist, rapper and dancer.

He is nicknamed like: " The father of the group ", because the other members of the band consider him like their father.