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SEVENTEEN: Joshua's Story in the Band

Fermín Gómez
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Pledis Entertainment is the company that organized the formation of this group of young South Koreans, who were previously evaluated for their selection. But not all did it formally.

The company's talent hunters took on the task of recruiting candidates in public places, such as Jhosua, one of its members.

Next, we will talk about him, so that his fans know him a little better.

Joshua roots

Joshua Jisoo Hong was born on December 30, 1995 in Los Angeles, California, United States. Of Korean parents, he is the only child in the family.

He is fluent in English because it is his mother tongue, as well as being fluent in Korean. As for other languages, it can be summarized in basic Chinese, basic Japanese and basic Spanish.

He was influenced by Christianity, hence his name Joshua. He plays the guitar, which he taught himself. When he lived in the United States, he was part of the church choir.

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He studied at Downtown Magnets High School, which he dropped out. Has an approved General Equivalency diploma

He enjoys playing the guitar in his spare time, he is a fan of anime and is tempted by the culinary art.

The colors they prefer to dress are black and white. He also commented in an interview that he prefers chicken as food.

As musical inspiration he has indicated that 2BiC, Chris Brown and Usher are his idols. He has won awards from a very young age.

Joshua's career in Seventeen

In Los Angeles he attended a Korean festival, where he played guitar, there he was recruited by a manager from Pledis Entertainment.

The manager of the company saw great potential and managed to get him to audition remotely.

At the end of 2012 to begin his training, Joshua moved to South Korea.

She returned to the United States to receive her high school graduation diploma, three months before debuting.

As of May 2015, Joshua is making his official debut as the newest member of the Pledis Entertainment group SEVENTEEN. He is part of the group's Vocal Unit accompanied by DK, Jeong Han, Seungkwan, and Woozi.

In 2019 he participated in the TV series A-TEEN 2, where he was friends with Ryu Joo. That series was broadcast on Naver TV Cast, V LIVE.

The series reached the position number 7 of the series on the web.

He works as a secondary vocalist, dancer and visual of the Vocal Unit.

He collaborated on a special project with Min Hyun from the group NU'EST where they sang a duet Overcome in an acoustic version.

TV programs

Idols Above Quizzes (KBS2,.07.2020) Along with Jun, Hoshi, DK, The8, Seung Kwan, Vernon, and Dino.

Weekly Idol (MBC,.04.2018) Ep. 350, along with Won Woo.

Idol Hits (2018). Presenting "Rocket english version" with Vernon.

Radio programs

(SBS) Boom Boom Power | Together with Seung Kwan, in June 2020

(SBS) Power FM Lee Joon's Youngstreet | Along with Vernon, S.Coups, Min Gyu. In November of that same year.

Music videos

Participate in Orange Caramel of My Copycat in 2014.

Collaborations for 2020

In Pink Sweat $ - 17 (Feat. Joshua & SEVENTEEN's DK)

Joshua peculiarities

It is hoped that he will be able to continue developing his artistic skills within the band and be able to transform all that talent into awards and accolades alongside his peers.

His favorite animal is the cat.

His favorite anime are Naruto, One Piece, Bleach, Death Note, and Soul Eater.

He likes to be called "The Knight of Seventeen" or "The Knight Joshua."

He enjoys coffee and as for ice cream, his favorite flavor is kiwi.

He did not have to participate in a casting to be selected by the label, a talent scout from the company observed him when he participated in a festival in Los Angeles and saw potential in him. He insisted that she let him take some photos of her and record a song for her.