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Seventeen: Mingyu's Footsteps in the Art Medium

Fermín Gómez
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The overwhelming success of the k-pop genre continues to rise. And it is that their representatives have not stopped working hard, even during the pandemic, to give their followers the best of themselves. Especially in this tough stage.

They have combined their talents in SEVENTEEN to such an extent that success has been inevitable. While it is true that empathic songs towards different emotions have been a great plus. The spectacular staging and choreography have made them stand out.

For this occasion, they will talk about the steps that Mingyu has taken as an artist of the medium, some curiosities and personal information.

MinGyu personal information

His name is Kim Mingyu, better known as Mingyu. He was born in 1997 on the 6th day of April.

He completed the elementary level at An-yang Bu-an Elementary School, the secondary at Burim Middle School. He went on to Seoul Broadcasting High School and finally earned a degree from the Dong-Ah Institute of Media and Art.

He is one of the few actors in the group, in addition to being a singer, model and dancer. It is part of the Hip-Hop subunit.

Mingyu was one of those chosen to participate in the KBS Song Festival, as well as being chosen as one of the 100 Most Beautiful Faces by TC Candler in 2017.

Mingyu as a member of SEVENTEEN

While studying at Seoul Broadcasting High School, he was chosen by Pledis Entertainment to be one of their trainees.

Upon joining SEVENTEEN, he was assigned to the Hip-Hop section of the band.

Here he has managed to show his talents as a composer. To the point that the Korean Music Copyright Association has assigned him a unique code for the recognition of his works.

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TV Shows, Shows and Realitys

Mingyu's presence has been very noticeable in the photo shoots and in the management of his image as a model and actor.

For this reason he has been invited to television shows such as Master Key, in which he had to demonstrate his athletic skills on the ice.

On another occasion, he participated in Law of The Jungle of the SBS television network in the Komodo Island edition.

Likewise, Mingyu participated in Baek Jong-won's Three Great Kings, an SBS cooking show.

In 2019, she appeared on episode 16 of the KBS2 network's Happy Together show. By 2020 he was part of Running Man on the 502 show.

Programs in which you have participated as a group

One of the characteristics of SEVENTEEN is its high presence on radio and television. Since 2015, Mingyu has been a part of various shows on the small screen.

The first television show he attended was SBS's Baek Jongwon's 3 Kings in the company of some members of his group.

Two years later, in 2017, he participated in the SBS show Top 3 Chef King in episode 79 with Seungkwan.

In 2018, also alongside Seungkwan, he appeared on Battlee Trip for chapter 78.

Likewise, with DK, he was featured on MBC's Weekly Idol in episode 336.

That same year, led by Chae Yeon & Song Kang and Shin Eun Soo, Mingyu performed on SBS's Inkigayo.

For 2019, in the company of Seungkwan, he was shown on episode 42 of The Manager and 448 of Running Man.

Radio programs in which Mingyu has participated

He has participated in two radio programs, on both occasions he was accompanied by some of his bandmates, during 2020 and both, for the SBS station.

The first program aired in mid-July on Lee Joon's Youngstreet Radio and in early November on Power FM Lee Joon's Youngstreet.

Music videos

Unsurprisingly, his talent on the dance floor cannot go unnoticed. For this reason it has been part of several musical audiovisuals.

Among them, despite not being with SEVENTEEN, he stood out as part of the NU'EST and Hellovenus tracks in 2012.

And in 2014 he collaborated on the video for the song Jung In by Bunzu and the video for Orange Caramel by My Copycat. To mention just a few.

Compositions in which he has participated

Now, there are several songs in which he was as a composer in the company of other colleagues in the group. We will summarize them below:

· One of them is called Hey Buddy, and he composed it with DK, The8, Woozi and Bunzu.

· Other of his works are entitled Together hand in hand with Bunzu, Woozi, Hoshi and S. Coups.

· In 9-TEEN he collaborated with S. Coups, Buzum and Woozi.

· He also has in his repertoire the songs CHILLI and Trauma that he composed together with Won Woo, S. Coups and Venron.

· On the other hand, he composed several songs by Won Woo, Bunzu, S. Coup, Vernon and Woozi, entitled Our Dawn Is Hotter Than Day, Thinkin 'about you, BOOMBOOM, Mansae and Monday To Saturday.

· On the other hand, for the creation of CLAP, Seungkwan, Jeong Han, Bumzu, Woozi and Hoshi joined.

· The8, Woozi, Wonwoo, S. Coup, Jeonghan, Bumzu, Vernon, and Seungkwan also teamed up with Mingyu to create Campfire.

· For the song Fronting and Ah Yeah got together in addition to Mingyu, Woo Woo, Vernon and Woozi.

Some curiosities of Mingyu

He speaks Korean as his mother tongue and English and Japanese at a basic level.

In addition to rapping and dancing, he knows how to cook, draw, act, and assemble action figures.

His favorite color is red and he likes to play the electric guitar.

Had he not been a singer, he would surely have obtained his qualification as a professional chef, architect or fashion designer. This information was revealed during an interview.

He is currently taking acting classes.

As a model, she first appeared at Seoul Fashion Week.

He has earned the 39th place in TC Chandler's 100 Most Handsome Face of 2017.

He also won 32nd place on The 100 Most Handsome Faces of 2018, and peaked at 24th in a contest for South Korea's Most Aligned Faces in 2019.