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Seventeen: The8 Biography

Fermín Gómez
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SEVENTEEN's work has paved the way for new k-pop exponents. They are even the inspiration of many artists who seek to see their musical dream consolidated.

It is a multidisciplinary team that gives everything of itself to create its greatest successes.

And it is that the internal relationship that exists of support and understanding between the members has allowed each artist to fully develop in the area of their preference. However, the company and the dynamics of the group have made them experiment in other areas.

In this way, they have been able to create a fairly complete and compact group when it comes to dancing, composing and singing.

This article will talk about the life of The8 and the invaluable contributions he has made to the company and the SEVENTEEN group.

About The8

Xú Míng Hào, better known as The8, is a singer of Chinese nationality born in Haicheng.

He completed his higher studies at the Beijing International Art School.

He is one of the dancers and singers on the Pledis Entertainment project SEVENTEEN. He has received various nicknames, including Hào, Litlle Prince, Cure King, Fairy, and Little 8.

His family is made up of his parents, he has no siblings.

She is 179 cm tall, her sign is Scorpio and she has been noted for her participation in television shows.

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TV Shows The8 has attended

One of the characteristics of the SEVENTEEN group is its constant presence in the media such as radio and television. However, The8 has had special relevance on the small screen.

For 2010 it was part of Day Day Up, broadcast by the Humana Satélite TV network. In 2105 he appeared on SBS's Baek Jongwon's 3 Kings in the company of some of his bandmates.

In 2017, he was a tutor on the SBS network's Elementary School Teacher program.

A year later, he was part of The Collaboration in the company of Jun.

For 2019, he served as a tutor on Idol Producer 2. The following year for the SBS network, he was part of the Idols Above Quizzes program with his other bandmates.

And his most recent appearance was at I-LAND, which also featured Jun, Dino, and Hoshi.

Radio programs in which he has participated

In this regard, he has only attended one radio program in 2020.

And it was for the SBS station with the Lee Joon's Youngstreet Radio program, in the company of three of his colleagues from the group.

The8 discography

For now, The8 in addition to participating in SEVENTEEN projects, has released Digital Singles and several versions of their songs from 2018 to 2021.

His first work in 2018 was Dreams come true. For 2019, he released the song Falling Down.

And in 2021, The8 stood out with his song Side by Side, which he covered for the Chinese version and for the Korean version.

Compositions in which Th8 has participated

His songwriting collaborations thus far have been primarily for SEVENTEEN tracks. Starting in 2016 with the theme Highlight, for 2017 with the song MY I, Flower, Campfire and Whitout You.

In 2018, he was featured on the song Oh My!, to create the Chinese version.

Already in 2019, he was present in the song 247 and Network Love.

Fun Facts About The8

In relation to the meaning of his stage name, it is that the number 8 is a number much loved by the people in his native China. And when the 8 is placed horizontally, the infinity symbol magically appears.

He started as an apprentice in 2014, this training lasted for five long years.

He speaks Mandarin which is his native language and Korean fluently.

Besides singing and dancing, she enjoys photography, painting, and watching movies.

He has stated in several interviews that he has practiced martial arts since he was very young.

Their mother was the first promoter of their artistic development by taking them to competitions and other musical events.

He has won music and Wushu competitions. It was revealed that he would be a part of the second season of Idol Producer as a mentor.

He is part of the SEVENTEEN dance unit in which they organize the spectacular choreographies for the group's audiovisuals and stage performances.

Without a doubt, The8 has great talent and a lot to make known.

Hopefully that talent continues to develop to create new unique and special works.

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Seventeen: biografía de The8
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