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SKS artist Bang Chan wore his “The Squid Game” costume for Halloween

Luis Rafael
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SKS member Bang Chan decided to dress up in a very convincing outfit from “The Squid Game” surprising all his fans with the excellent elaboration of his costume.

On this occasion he decided to enter once and for all in this horror story on Halloween, achieving one of the best costumes of the entire band.

It is worth mentioning that, Bang Chan is the leader of "Stray Kids" one of the best K-pop bands that exist today. He is a person obsessed with achieving the best results in his work, he always looks for a way to concentrate to the maximum and takes the main role of the group.

He is in charge of composing many the band's songs and also produces some of their music videos and songs.

SKS artist Bang Chan wore his “The Squid Game” costume for Halloween
SKS artist Bang Chan wore his “The Squid Game” costume for Halloween

Therefore, he is one of the members most loved by the public and his large community of followers, since he always gives his best on stage and off. Since, not only is he in charge of entertaining the fans at his shows, he also tries to be close to them through social networks to give his loyal followers as much attention as possible.

Bang Chan shows his costume from "The Squid Game" through his program on VLive

Bang Chan decided to create a special program that is broadcast every week called “Chan's Room”, this is one of the best programs broadcast on VLive. The SKS member is in charge to react to the requests and suggestions offered by his followers through the comments.

In addition, he also gives excellent attention to all his fans, sometimes chatting with them in real time and makes the show quite interactive. It is worth mentioning that, this is a live show, that means that all the people who comment on “Chan's Room” can get an immediate response from Bang Chan.

For this Halloween the band Stray Kids decided to make a great celebration of Halloween together with their team. After this celebration, Bang Chan went directly to start his Vlive program with his fans.

Since the filming began, he fully immersed himself in the character he was playing in “The Squid Game”, he wore an excellent outfit and many viewers thought that he would be excellent as an actor for the Korean series.

SKS artist Bang Chan wore his “The Squid Game” costume for Halloween
Bang Chan Halloween 2021

Bang Chan's costume belonged to one of the contestants from "The Squid Game" and he performed an excellent performance

To detail exactly the costume that the SKS member used, we can note that he wore one of the green uniforms worn by the competitors of “The Squid Game” and He wore the number 325 on his chest. This was one of the best costumes of the holiday, in addition, it was one of the best Halloween that the artist has ever celebrated.

Since, not only did he celebrate with his boyband colleagues, but I can also celebrate with his loyal fans through Chan's Room, this was something that made him very happy, because Chan loves to enjoy himself with his beloved audience.

During his entire presentation on the show he was in the role, he was always acting like he was one of the game's competitors. You could also notice that she had makeup which simulated the cuts and blows as if she had gone through several rounds of the games.

Throughout his entire show he was still performing, fans were quite impressed and moved by the costume and role his idol had taken.

To conclude the live, the leader of Stray Kids stared at the camera and mentioned: "player 325, eliminated", thus he ended up saying goodbye to STAY and ended the lives in the most epic way of all.

Why did Bang Chan decide to wear the number 325 on his costume?

This is a question that thousands of people have asked themselves and the answer is quite obvious, especially for the loyal fans of the K-pop band. The number 325 is quite important to Bang Chan and to the whole band in general. Since, it represents the month and the day in which they had their debut, on March 25.

For this reason, the leader of Stray Kids wore this number on his green uniform from the epic Korean Netflix series, to always remember one of the most important dates of his career. In addition, Chan announced that this is one of his favorite series and for that reason he decided to dress up as one of its participants, it seemed very funny to him.

Fans of the band began to demonstrate through social media sharing images of Bang Chan's outfit and through comments on the original Instagram post. Millions of people in the world were aware of this publication and its live was one of the most successful of Halloween.