Suga challenges those who judge the participation of the band BTS at the UN General Assembly

Luis Rafael
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The speech of BTS in the UN incapacitated the online media. Suga reacted to people who scanned his essence on an occasion with world pioneers.

The interest of BTS at the 76th Assembly of the United Nations was an occasion that disabled the week in the media. The South Korean meeting was received as a teenage agent on an occasion committed to the Sustainable Development Goals, an undeniable level posted on Monday, September 20.

BTS performs participation in the UN and responds to the criticisms of the public

Although this is not the first time that the Korean pop-up meeting has appeared connected to the onu(also participated in 2018 and on a virtual occasion of 2020), some can see with a doubt that BTS is available in this global body.

The members of the Boyband know the analysis and have a pre-established reaction in this regard.suga discredited questions in a VLIVE transmission that BTS did Tuesday 21 from New York.

When talking about his participation in the United Nations base camp and the interviews resulting with the American press, Min Yoongi reported that it was amazing to perceive the number of Arms that They aimed at the live opportunity to listen to them. (SOO CHOI interpretation in Twitter).

"We were simple speakers. At the meeting, we were informed that for different meetings there were few perspectives. Be that as it may, when we came the number rose. They discussed him a lot" she stressed.

As for its collaboration at the highest point that regularly has as speakers, activists and task experts, the rapper clarified:

First the individuals said "still, so you would not be a vocal of the people? What are you going to do there?" Our role is exceptionally clear: advance the objectives of sustainable development. We come to do it as extraordinary emissaries, do not have to see us with points of sight (biased) "Suga said.

The full speech of BTS in Spanish

The words of the symbols in the UN Calon deep among young people and people of other ages. Specifically, he highlighted the help they lent his generation companions by recommending specialists and associates who are not known as the lost age, but are invited for their capacity and mental strength to face the progressions that accompany the new Ordinary.

TS in the met

Nothing stops them. After its effective support in the UN, the individuals of BTS were at Met with the first Lady of South Korea. In the historic center, they went to their country with a speech of the Namjoon pioneer.

Suga after the UN

The rapper was the second part of BTS to celebrate with Army after its remarkable speech in the UN. Through the online media, Yoongi gladly showed her grades as a member of a particularly significant occasion.

Suga in the air terminal

In case you have lost the takeoff of suga and your Bandmates from South Korea to New York, here you have photographs and recordings of your visit at the Incheon International Airport.


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