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SUPER JUNIOR is presented in Latin America with the projection of the show "Super Show 8"

Luis Rafael
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SUJU shakes the informal organizations after the affirmation of the show Super Show 8 separating the Mexican cinemas and ELF Latin America celebrates.

SUPER JUNIOR ranks as one of the most adored K-pop groups in Mexico.

His visit to the reality show Super Show 8, will be released in Mexican cinemas in November, in celebration of the sixteenth commemoration of the South Korean boyband.

This is excellent news that has caused a strong impact through social networks.

It is reported that more than 20 million people are demonstrating to get the projection of the show published in all Latin American countries. However, the ELF community has yet to get them to agree to his insistent request.

SUPER JUNIOR is presented in Latin America with the projection of the show "Super Show 8"
SUPER JUNIOR is presented in Latin America with the projection of the show "Super Show 8"

Is it true that they will make a SUPER JUNIOR movie?

The supposed possibility that SUPER JUNIOR will hit Latin American theaters in no time is due to a post on Twitter by Sat Marketing, which has recently screened dramatizations and K-pop shows in Mexico.

In this publication they stated that in a few weeks they have in mind to carry out this amazing project of making a movie about the famous K-pop band SUPER JUNIOR.

All the fans of the band have been really excited since Sat Marketing announced that they planned to carry out a project with the boyband.

Millions of fans around the world (mostly in Latin America) are expressing their opinion about this great news through Instagram and Twitter.

In any case, the Twitter account 4DXMexico was in charge of raising the expectations of ELF by referring to the sapphire blue sea, an illustrative nuance of SUPER JUNIOR and its followers.

ELF from Latin America was quick to unravel the signs and discovered that the image suggested the special poster of SUPER JUNIOR's Super Show 8, so the Kmagazine medium affirmed the fact that SUJU will be on the big screen to the delight of its Mexican fans.

The response from SUJU fans

Fans of the kings of hallyu took control of social networks after the affirmation of "Super Show 8" in Mexican cinemas and began to post about the famous band and waiting for its arrival on the big screen throughout Latin America., emanating joy, excitement, euphoria and a lot of eagerness to see his favorite band.

SUPER JUNIOR: In which nations will Super Show 8 be screened?

At this time it is only affirmed for Mexico, however, the creation organization has referred to informal communities that the projection of the SUJU show will be seen in different nations of the Latin American district.

In order to increase the possibility that people from all over Latin America can have access to this great show that will have its premiere in a couple of days.

SUPER JUNIOR at Cinépolis Peru

The fandom has effectively prepared itself and has mentioned enormously that the event is also held in other Latin American nations, such as Peru, where SUPER JUNIOR has performed twice before with Super Show 5 and 7.

So, since the famous band has already made several presentations in Peru and the community of fans there is quite large, the organizers of the event have begun to consider this request.

SUJU's Super Show 8

Very JUNIOR's Super Show 8 world tour previewed their 10th Time slip studio collection.

This series of shows achieved the great achievement of being seen in nations such as Macao, South Korea, Japan, Thailand, the Philippines and Indonesia; Either way, due to the appearance of COVID-19, the famous K-pop group had to be forced to quickly leave all their special presentations that they had pending.

When did SUPER JUNIOR make their debut as a K-pop band?

The K-pop titans made their first appearance on November 6, 2005, which means that they currently have more than 15 years of artistic career.

Normally, K-pop bands do not usually have such a lasting artistic development, since the competition that exists in the industry is quite strong.

That is why SUPER JUNIOR is listed as one of the best groups in the world of K-pop and one of the longest lasting.

Where can I get tickets for Super Show 8?

Tickets to see the screening of this magnificent SUPER JUNIOR show can be obtained at Cinépolis agencies in the countries where the band mentioned it would do the screening, which so far are only Mexico and Peru.

However, it has not yet been announced how much the tickets will be valued for sales to the public, it is most likely that in a couple of days they will publish how much the cost of the tickets will be so that everyone can buy them before they are sold run out.