SuperM debuts with Jopping's MV and draws criticism from the K-pop community

Cristian García
2 min read

SuperM has just released their song Jopping, which would seek to go with everything for worldwide success. In this way, the K-pop group has brought visuals of another level and a fairly worked single. But, despite all the great effort that this boy band and SM Entertainment (their agency) are making, it seems to be unable to cope with the world and K-pop community.

SuperM debuts with Jopping's MV and draws criticism from the K-pop community

Jopping has managed to be one of the most daring and anticipated proposals on the music scene for this year. Therefore, all the expectations that had been sown on this group would turn out to be enormous. With the debut of SuperM, the focus of the world audience would have gone to said boy band. Despite being so relevant, the first commercial data for this debut song have not been very encouraging.

SuperM's Jopping begins its journey without exceeding the public's expectations

SuperM managed to debut on the social network Twitter, becoming a worldwide trend. In addition, Jopping's music video has managed to be one of the most viewed to this day. Even so, the beginning of this theme in the commercial music charts has not been very flattering. In this way, it is possible to observe that, worldwide, the issue has not generated the enough attention expected by SM Entertainment.

It should be remembered that Jopping would be the first K-pop project to first make its debut in the United States on South Korea, which would have generated a lot of criticism. In addition, EXO, SHINEE, NTC, and WayV fans have expressed their annoyance at giving favoritism to certain members of said groups and not giving dignified treatment to these K-pop groups.

The reality is that Jopping still has a long way to go, although, at the moment, it has not exceeded expectations on a commercial level. In this way, it is expected that, with the promotion of SuperM and with the support of agencies such as Capitol Records and SM Entertainment, all this ambitious musical project will achieve the results that would be expected.