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The girlband "Kep1er" has already announced their debut and published a teaser of their presentation

Luis Rafael
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One of the most promising girl bands of this new generation of K-pop already They are going to emerge, since the label in charge of carrying out the production of Kep1er has already confirmed the debut of the group.

The girls of Girls Planet 999 expressed all their energy and desire to start making their stage appearances for the first time. They have managed to win the hearts of their loyal followers, and their community on Twitter and Instagram is increasing abysmally every day.

The presentation of Kep1er is getting closer and closer. The nine members of the new K-pop band now have a group leader and managed to officially sign their own autographs.

The girlband "Kep1er" has already announced their debut and published a teaser of their...
Kep1er and their debut: date, times and concept photos of the group of Girls Planet 999

Who are Kep1er?

Kep1er is a girl band brought into the world on the resistance show “Girls Planet 999” and who is currently planning her debut officially.

To the delight of fans who have followed the members from their interest in the Mnet show, the group revealed the date of their long-awaited performance.

After they won on the show, many record labels and music producers were impressed with the full potential the girls had, and then in a couple of months they signed under the J M Entertainment contract.

When will Kep1er debut?

Since the band's record label affirmed the debut of the girlband on stage, millions of fans and BLINK have been attentive to the publication date of this incredible news.

Since their inception in the talent show, they have generated great expectations and boast that they will put on the best shows.

On November 24 (KST), Kep1er reported his debut date through his online media. The new K-pop band will be making a big appearance on December 14.

The members are going to publish their first songs through Spotify and their official YouTube channel so that they can be available to all types of audiences.

Kep1er posted photos of ideas for their presentation

Following the authorities' statement regarding the date and time of the performance, Kep1er also shared photos of artists Choi Yu Jin (the leader), Sakamoto Mashiro, and Shen Xiaoting on their official band Instagram and Twitter accounts.

These were a trend in Asia, since millions of people noticed crucial parts that we will be seeing in some of their presentations, such as: outfits, phrases and gestures.

Kep1er's presentation teaser

On November 22, Kep1er posted a teaser through the media that featured a first photo from the reunion. The fans of the nine girls hypothesized about the idea of tuning that the singers may have in their presentation, due to the large number of flowers that surround them.