The touching gesture of ARMY Arabs when giving away tickets to BTS fans who cannot afford them

Cristian García
2 min read

BTS would be about to perform in Saudi Arabia through a concert that has turned out to be quite controversial worldwide. The reality is that this group would be about to make history in this country thanks to the fact that it would have the property of being the first artists to give a wide-scale concert. Even so, what has surprised the most of all has been the fact that the Arab ARMY have decided to create a charity event to pay for tickets to fans who cannot afford them.

The touching gesture of ARMY Arabs when giving away tickets to BTS fans who cannot afford them

BTS's concert would be held at Riyadh's Fahd International Stadium on October 11. In this way, all the ARMYs have already anticipated to buy their tickets on time. On the other hand, many fans have decided to generate a charity so that this ARMY with low resources can fulfill their dreams of seeing BTS in person.

ARMY Arabs support low-income fans by giving them free tickets to BTS concert

This charity event would have raised more than $2,000 USD, a figure that was achieved between October 4 and 6. Thus, more than 100 fans or ARMY would have the opportunity to go see this famous boy band at the concert that they would be celebrating in Saudi Arabia. Therefore, there would be no doubt of the nobility that the fans of this K-pop group have.

The fundraising was made globally by BTS's fan club in Saudi Arabia. The Twitter account of said fanclub would have more than 100,000 followers, which is why the message of said event would have been able to spread to all parts of the world in order to achieve the objective they set.

In this way, it seems that the BTS concert in Saudi Arabia would be uniting the whole world in what would be a magnificent event. Therefore, it is possible that this day will be able to generate history among the ARMY and K-pop community, through one of the largest and most impressive concerts of all time.