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TOA, Top Of Asia

Fermín Gómez
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Like Blackpink, BTS, Seventeen, and other K-pop groups, TOA is also one of the greatest exponents of the genre. In recent years, due to the pandemic, the k-pop genre has not lost the opportunity to continue growing.

For this reason, we have prepared a review of the latest TOA successes.

Represented by Excellent Entertainment, those acronyms stand for Top Of Asia, and they have become a highly sought after trio for their great participation in the k-pop genre.

Next there will be a small account of the most important aspects of his musical career.

Beginnings of the TOA trio

Its beginnings go back to the ballad genre, which was with its debut single in 2010. The group consists of Junhyuk who is the vocalist and Maknae (the youngest), Siwoo is the leader and rapper while SInnan is the vocalist.. They were models before starting their music career.

At first they were a duo made up of Siwoo and SInnan with the name of the Honey Boys.

However, during the group's promotion, moments before the release and to the surprise of all their fans, they decided to form their trio with Junhyuk under the name TOA.

His mega-success

This group has only one song: Because I Love You More that has taken its talent very high, so much so that they have managed to position it as one of the most listened to songs at the time. This according to the statistics of the year 2020.

They even placed the group as a k-pop trend during 2020 for their great talent and unique sound that they were able to achieve with just one single.

Fun facts

Which is unlikely but possible within the coincidences, we have that in the TOA group all its members have blood type B.

Also, as mentioned above, the three of them were ulzzang models before forming the k-pop band.

Another very curious thing is that two of its members have similar heights, while another pair of them have the same zodiac sign.

The only song they have presented so far has been the spokesperson for a unique and characteristic sound, which makes their fans look forward to their next releases.

TOA in 2020

Until 2020 the TOA group was ranked 3 on the list of the best k-pop groups of 2020. However, throughout 2021 they have not yet released any advance or clue of the new they bring.

This may be due to the circumstances of the new reality that surrounds us all, however the expectation continues and the uncertainty becomes greater and greater.

Undoubtedly, a job well done on their first song has shown the quality of artists they are, so that, despite the current circumstances that affect the entire globe, their soon return is expected.

They have a very particular talent, with a very striking tone of voice, which suggests that they are possibly carefully preparing to become a worldwide k-pop trend again.

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TOA, Top Of Asia
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