TWICE becomes 1st K-pop girl group to appear on YouTube Originals

Cristian García
2 min read

JYP Entertainment, TWICE's agency, has announced that this K-pop girl group would be part of a YouTube Originals series, where they would tell about their experience on the recent TWICELIGHTS 2019 tour. In this way, said Korean group would become the first K-pop girl band to achieve such a feat.

TWICE becomes 1st K-pop girl group to appear on YouTube Originals

This new YouTube Originals release will be released in docu-series format, where the members of TWICE will be participating in a series of interviews and will show various unreleased content from their TWICELIGHTS 2019 tour. It has been revealed that said series will be set on the North American dates of said tour.

According to the K-pop group's own agency, JYP Entertainment, this docu-series will show all the experiences and situations that the members of TWICE had to go through to become one of the most important K-pop groups in the world the actuality. All this would indicate that it would be a series of very personal episodes that would reveal another face of said female group.

In this way, TWICE would be becoming the first K-pop girl group to participate in a YouTube Originals series. Previously, several boybands had done it, although on no occasion had female groups or artists been given the opportunity. Thus, this would mark a history in K-pop generating great celebration among TWICE or ONCE fans.

TWICE's new documentary is still in production, so it hasn't finished all filming yet. This series of chapters is expected to be released in what would be the first quarter of 2020. For now, it remains to wait for official confirmations from YouTube or JYP Entertainment.