TWICE decides to sing a cappella version of Feel Special after criticism for excessive use of Playback

Cristian García
2 min read

TWICE has returned to the music scene with their new song Feel Special, which has become a complete hit on all kinds of music charts in South Korea and worldwide. In this way, all its members would have once again demonstrated their stage skills before their fans or ONCE. In addition, due to the constant criticism of the group for lip-syncing, its members have decided to perform an a cappella version of their new song.

TWICE decides to sing a cappella version of Feel Special after criticism for excessive use of...

The one who would have planned this would be Jeongyeon, who would be mentioning that she wanted to give a gift to the ONCE who support them so much and want to see them a little more sincere singing their new song, Feel Special. Thus, the idol would be organizing an unpublished presentation of said song totally live, which would have aroused the interest and amazement of all the public that was present.

TWICE sings a cappella version of Feel Special due to constant criticism of doing Playback

Jeongyeon would be the one to organize this special moment between TWICE and the ONCEs. After this group sang Yes or Yes and Fancy, at the Hero Concert, said member would have decided to give a special moment by performing, with the other members, an a cappella version of their new song Feel Special.

The members got together to sing a little Feel Special in there a cappella version. In addition, they would be interpreting the scenography to the letter, which would show that they are capable of interpreting that theme live without any problem, something totally different from what some netizen or fans of said musical genre say.

Despite all this, Feel Special has managed to be a complete success worldwide. Furthermore, TWICE would have already been named as the girl band with the highest album sales worldwide, surpassing the barrier of 7.5 million copies sold. This fact has not had any precedent in the realm of K-pop idols.