TWICE reveals to TIME magazine the consequences of fame on their mental health and talks about Mina

Cristian García
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TIME is considered one of the most important and emblematic magazines in the entire United States. Therefore, the recent interview with the famous K-pop girlgroup, TWICE, would have given a lot to talk about globally, especially for the fact of touching highly personal topics such as mental health. In this way, perhaps some of the factors that made Mina sick, after being recently diagnosed with anxiety problems, would have been discussed.

TWICE reveals to TIME magazine the consequences of fame on their mental health and talks about...

TIME magazine was able to interview members Nayeon, Sana, Jihyo and Dahyun, who were extremely honest with all kinds of details about being famous and, especially, in South Korea, a country that is usually very demanding with its idols when it comes to extreme of criticizing them for their slightest mistake. Therefore, the members would be revealing their true feelings and thoughts to the whole world.

TWICE reveals to TIME magazine how difficult it is to be an artist when it comes to maintaining healthy mental health

The members were extremely honest about the success of a group like TWICE, which must maintain standards at all times and has to deal with the idea of being the representatives of the nation:

Nayeon: Since we have gained the attention and affection of so many fans, we have had to know the great expectations of them. This meant giving members a difficult time for their mental health. All these expectations have not only come from the fans, but also from the public in South Korea. Jihyo: TWICE has become a very representative name locally. Therefore, due to expectations, we have seen that one of our members is rested due to facing difficult mental problems (Mina).

On the other hand, the members of TWICE revealed that Mina is not the only one who goes through anxiety problems, since all of them have felt this sensation at the same level as the idol:

Nayeon: We have also felt like Mina, each member has felt that way. We want Mina to return healthy and healthy so that she can have a great welcome. That is our main goal right now.

Thus, there is no doubt that TWICE is a K-pop group with many demands on it, which is why it is common for it to affect them on an emotional level. Still, revealing all these details has made the international community take into account the mental health of artists due to the difficulty of their work.