TWICE's Mina not participating in K-pop group's comeback

Cristian García
2 min read

TWICE is set to make their musical comeback next September. In this way, it has already been confirmed that the music video for her new single was recorded a few weeks ago and that all preparations are being made for this girl band to return in style. Still, recent statements have cast doubt on whether member Mina would be participating in the comeback.

TWICE's Mina not participating in K-pop group's comeback – Showbiz

It should be remembered that TWICE's Mina had withdrawn from the musical agendas of the female group due to complicated anxiety problems that she suffered on stage. Thus, the singer returned to South Korea to receive specific treatment and to rest from all means of entertainment.

Yesterday, August 28, TWICE's agency JYP Entertainment made a statement stating that it is still unknown if Mina can participate in the girl band's upcoming comeback. In this way, they have indicated that they would soon be making a confirmation on this entire case, because the singer's emotional state and her ability to appear on stage are still being evaluated.

Previously, there were rumors that the member would not be participating in TWICE's comeback and that she would even be leaving the K-pop group. All this was due to the announcement of the new documentary series of this girl band, in which Mina would not be included. In addition, the photograph in said ad does not show the singer.

For now, confirmations from JYP Entertainment should be awaited on whether TWICE's Mina would be eligible to return to the music scene with said female group. At the moment, no type of detail has been revealed about this whole case, which is why there are a variety of rumors that revolve around this member of said girl band.