TWICE's Mina to feature on Japanese album & TWICE

Cristian García
2 min read

TWICE's Mina is experiencing a very tense moment due to her great anxiety problem, which makes her unable to perform on stage. Even so, the artist has been dealing with this problem in order to keep ONCE or their fans fresh with each return of this girlgroup. For this reason, Mina has decided to participate in the Japanese album & TWICE and in its main song Fake & True.

TWICE's Mina to feature on Japanese album & TWICE – Showbiz – WebMediums

TWICE will be making their Japanese musical comeback in November with their new album & TWICE. It will include his single, Fake & True. The tracklist and all the information on it have already been released, and, in addition, the hopeful news was given that Mina would be participating in its entire creation.

TWICE's Mina to feature on & TWICE album and single Fake & True

TWICE's Japanese album would be released on November 20. In this way, Mina's participation in said album was already known thanks to its recent promotional images. Even so, J YP Entertainment has given the ONCE hope that the idol will participate in the promotion of all this material.

All of Mina's achievement can be due to the constant support of the TWICE members, who always encourage her and take care of her so that she gets better quickly. Thus, the idol would have many people who love her and always care about her, which has helped her go through this murky moment in her life.

TWICE's Mina to feature on Japanese album & TWICE – Showbiz – WebMediums

TWICE is promoting their recent single Feel Special, which has been a complete worldwide success. Despite this, the ONCEs are still waiting for Mina to return to the stage, who has been away from them since she announced her recovery from this strange disease that the idol faces.