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TWICE's New Track “Icon” Was Censored By KBS Before Release

Luis Rafael
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This song will be part of the "Formula of Love: O + T = <3", album N°. 3 by famous K-pop band TWICE to be delivered on November 13.

TWICE's tune "Icon" had to be censored by KBS quickly before it was released as a track for Formula of Love: O + T = <3, the third studio collection from the K-pop girl band.

Therefore, ONCE fans are thinking about what happened to the melody. Here's why it was banned by the Korean Broadcasting System. And all the reasons that were taken into account for the censorship of TWICE's song.

What is Formula Of Love: O + T = <3 about?

TWICE's New Track “Icon” Was Censored By KBS Before Release – Showbiz
TWICE's New Track “Icon” Was Censored By KBS Before Release

After its successful introduction in the US market with the single "The Feels", the South Korean group will return to the load with another collection of 17 songs in their local language. "Scientist" is the central theme of this creation which is expected to come out on November 13.

While the subtleties for the delivery are being laid, on Wednesday the 10th, fans began to see TWICE's first restriction on KBS in its six-year vocation. The theme "Icon" was the melody that did not pass the evaluation of the radio broadcast.

What does KBS say about "Symbol"?

According to the subtleties of the KBS report, the third track of "Formula Of love: O + T = <3" is not appropriate for broadcast, as the organization presumes that it contains unpleasant language and insulting words.

KBS typically does not allow themes have lots of obscene words, excessive sexual content, much less vulgarity. Supposedly the main organizers reported through the media that this was the reason why they canceled the TWICE topic.

However, many people claim that this restriction does not make much sense and that KBS is exaggerating, since it was only one word that they used. This caused the loyal followers of the K-pop band to get very upset and began to demonstrate on Twitter.

Through the media, fans show unfriendly responses to said choice. Some ONCE qualify it as scandalous and assure that the inappropriate word causing its restriction would have been "damn", which means "curse" from English to Spanish.

Despite all the requests, reactions and opinions that have been presented to the Korea Broadcasting System, they have not yet considered lifting the restriction on the “Icon” topic. However, many hopes that as the days go by they will lift the restriction.

TWICE's opinion after the censorship for “Icon”

The Korean girlband had made this song a couple of months ago and was only waiting for the review to be released, this had been one of the most acclaimed songs by its audience and many people were waiting for it. However, this problem arose, and it was not possible.

The band Twice at the time they were informed that "Icon" was not going to be released because it did not comply with the rules, they could not believe it, it was also a job that had cost them hours of production and the members claimed to have felt quite frustrated.