TWICE's Tzuyu, ITZY's Lia, and NCT's Chenle Among K-pop Artists Born Rich

Cristian García
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Recently, the famous Mnet program, TMI News, would have made a special section where it would be generating a ranking of those K-pop idols who had the privilege of being born into an extremely wealthy family. In this way, names like TWICE's Tzuyu, ITZY's Lia, and NCT's Chenle would be appearing.

TWICE's Tzuyu, ITZY's Lia, and NCT's Chenle Among K-pop Artists Born Rich

This special program would be reflecting all kinds of privileges that the idols of said ranking lived through, who could afford to study in schools that cost thousands of dollars and even managed to live in very large places that gave the appearance of being their own region due to its great breadth.

Tzuyu, Lia, and Chenle top the list of K-pop artists with wealthy families

This ranking would be based on a top 6 of those K-pop idols who were always rich, so fame would not be affecting them in any way. In addition, new details about each of these artists would be reflected, where the upbringing that each of them had and everything they had to go through to become famous would be detailed.

Some people in this ranking would be surprising, due to their humility and kindness at all times. Therefore, this would make it clear that being a millionaire would not make you arrogant or detached from reality. In addition, it would also be shown that hard work would stand out as has been the case with all these K-pop artists, who managed to build their reputations in the entertainment industry based on their great work.

Look at the entire ranking of K-pop artists who were born millionaires and who fame did not end up affecting them to a great extent:

# 7 Lia from ITZY

# 6 Umji by GFriend

# 5 TWICE's Tzuyu

# 4 PO from Block B

GOT7's # 3 Mark

# 2 BTOB's Sungjae

# 1 NCT's Chenle