What does BTS mean?

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These are the acronyms of the expression Bangtan Sonyeondan, which means "Boy Skout for Bulletproof". The concept is adopted by the band with the intention of representing a band that does not leave stereotyping by the medium factors.

Eventually the meaning changed to Beyond The Scene, which means "beyond the scene". With this change, a new identity is adopted, which allowed him to get further by allowing people to identify even more with them, being an example of struggle and perseverance.

Artistic influences of BTS

From the point of view music the members of the band have mentioned Kanye West, Drake, Eminem, SEO Yaji and Boys and Queen. They have even rendered homage to Freddie Mercury, sending the song of "Ay-Oh" That Freddie played in the Live Aid.

Another influence for the group are the artistic, philosophical and psychological literary media that are very reflected in their works.

For the album "wings" For example, they were inspired by the novel of Demian of Hermann Hesse while in the video clip of "Spring Day" Revision is found to the story of Úrsula Le Guin, entitled "Those who move away from Olalas", which is a very atypical story, let's say not very close to the preferences of the majority of the population. But that, thanks to the musical talent of BTS, it served as inspiration for a very attractive rhythm.

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Compositions and musical style

Some experts say that one of the reasons for the group's success is that the vast majority of the songs are from their own authorship.

One of the qualities of the group and that has allowed you to reach more people are the opportunity they have taken advantage of to talk about some taboo topics.

Even of his own feelings, the problems he can present at school, anxiety and other emotions. To the point of taking advantage of the circumstances generated by the pandemic to talk about the confinement, of the anguish of not knowing what to do, the pain that many felt.

Best of all, you have been able to involve these issues versatile way with the HIP-HOP style in its beginnings. Then, they took the sounds of the ROCK and the R&B(Rhythm and Blues) that became the most listened rhythms in past decades and are maintained as classic until today.

Legacy of BTS

With its outstanding work, BTS has been the model to follow for many. Even for his colleagues and it is that they made it known Younghoon, Hyunho, Eua Kim, Wanna One, Seven O'Clock, Loona, among others.

According to the National Center of Gugak, they have had to expand the number of sounds of the instruments by demand that there are of foreigners and South Korean producers generated by their most famous songs.

Another significant change was that most artists have chosen to change their love issues for calls for awareness and search of the inner being. This has even been taken to the Love Yourself campaign, which used as part of the speech they gave in the Onu.

Cultural impact

For being considered the largest band of the moment, they have been part of the new musical culture. For its large number and movement by social networks have managed to break world records.

According to the prestigious magazine time, BTS is the most influential band since 2017. For its part, the magazine Forbes categorized them as part of The most influential and powerful celebrities of South Korea in 2018.

Recall that as part of the multiple awards received, they are part of the order to cultural merit, which is delivered by the president of his native country.

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