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Facebook shares go up

After the announcement of Zuckerberg the company goes in another direction, as well as its assets

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Facebook shares go up – Social Media – WebMediums
Facebook and Messenger logo in 3D

We have all been a bit out of place since Mark Zuckerberg announced the change of his Facebook creation, to the name of Meta on October 28.

Where it provided that the company that has social platforms as important as Facebook, Instagram and the messaging company WhatsApp on its servers, would have a new vision.

And that the name Facebook no longer stood for everything it wanted to do as a technology group.

Which has triggered the multiplication of investors interested in Meta's proposal, wanting to obtain a little of those profits that look very promising.

Despite the fact that Facebook had had a lot of pressure since the day when its network fell for almost a whole day and then the demand for mishandling of information, the strength it is gathering with the announcement of this project is getting higher. We are excited to know what awaits you on social media!

How do Facebook / Meta actions work?

Even though they have changed the name, there are things that act the same way as before, just like the name of their very successful platforms.

Their numbers come mainly thanks to the publicity or advertisements placed within their different networks. Which is a very juicy figure that does not diminish, unless of course, the activities stop.

While the games that are on this platform, they also have a considerably balanced streak with respect to earnings for the Facebook / Meta group.

The cost of their actions is usually not very difficult to find out where they are going, since it always comes in consignment of what happens with their strongest competencies.

Which are: the Tencent group, Likedln, TikTok, Pinterest and Twitter.

Taking all this into consideration, we will add the origins of their price increases, which come thanks to the directions that the Facebook group wants to take for the future of social networks.

But in general matters, the actions that they offer us before everything was unleashed until the publication of Meta, is a green environment, and it is considered a good action.

Facebook shares go up – Social Media – WebMediums
Facebook platform notification

Price hike

Now the stock can be found on the stock exchange under the name: Meta Platforms, and according to the graphs provided in the online medium, it has already increased by 2.37% today.

Trading at exactly $331.18 per share.

Although we know that these daily numbers always fluctuate.

Since the announcement, there is an approximate rise of 5% –only two days after its news–, in the stock market, and as of today, the arrows will continue upwards.

Because there is that important factor for its price increase, which is the interest of many who are fans of technology.

If the metaverse that Zuckerberg proposes reaches the stipulated levels, more than one billion people would start using this service created from the Meta group.

Which would generate a totally astronomical rise in its shares, and whoever has entered the game of investing in it at this time, is going to be very juicy benefited.

Facebook shares go up – Social Media – WebMediums
Invest your money in Meta

Is it a good time to invest in Meta?

Many affirm that yes, it is the creation of a giant that mutates to new frontiers, which it does not seem possible to abandon. People are thirsty for new ways of seeing the world.

And with this improvement, Meta presents us with a virtual world not only in 2D, but also in 3D.

This still generates some uncertainty, because we have to keep up with what Meta has to do to arrive at that proposal that seems a lot like science fiction.

Therefore, it will not be easy at all, even if it is a company so well known in the world, that will not save it from failure.

Since it is said that this is the salvation or a response of Zuckerberg after the attacks he received after various things were discovered that harm him, as well as his company.

Being very clear that if it works, it will do it in a few years. So the investments will have to keep it for several more years, to have extra high profits. But that a good investor knows.

Despite all these problems that have been discussed so much on social networks, in the group's finances there does not seem to be a problem, they continue to have a permanent small increase.

Facebook shares go up – Social Media – WebMediums
Iconic Facebook Symbols

They invested badly

Many people mistakenly invested within the stock market, the same October 28, just hours after the confirmation of the renewal of Facebook.

It turns out that there is a Canadian company called Meta Materials. Which is also listed on NASDAQ, like Meta platforms.

The stock market ranked # 2 in the United States.

This company increased or had an increase in its shares of 25%.

Apparently several people by mistake invested in something that has nothing to do with Facebook.

But the euphoria was a lot to process.

And you, would you invest in Mark Zuckerberg's new project to change how we communicate with the world?