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The best techniques to sell on social networks

Irene de Espinoza
6 min read
The best techniques to sell on social networks – Social Media – WebMediums
Sell on social media

Many people who start a business or undertaking do not realize that they have at their fingertips a tool that can help them boost their business.

Today the most effective power that exists in sales are social networks. It is impressive the scope that is achieved in terms of business image, client portfolio and special promotions that can leave a company very high.

What do you need?

To be able to sell on social networks you must know the best strategies to attract new people, create valuable content, interact and connect with that audience and of course, sell!

Many times the mistake is made of skipping all the steps and focusing on only selling something, without giving importance to the other techniques.

If you only use the networks to sell, without good content or interaction with people, perhaps you will lose followers.

Thousands of people enter social networks every day at different times. This is a benefit if we learn to attract the public, that is why it is important that new people know who we are, know our company, our products or services and how we can help them and others.

We must also know who the potential buyers are to that ideal audience.

The best techniques to sell on social networks – Social Media – WebMediums

Relationships strengthen sales

Without a doubt, the best relationships cause better sales, and we will concentrate on this part, every business must know that failure is part of the process and there will be people who do not want to hear what you have to offer or do not accept a meeting.

You have to learn to deal with rejection and accept it, because in the commercial sphere it is very important that we always have a good relationship with customers.

Every day we must learn new things, new strategies, success stories and for this, we must always investigate what our competition is doing, to be able to incorporate new skills into our daily work.

How we can build lasting relationships: inspire confidence, communicate better, solve problems, strategy and tactics.

The best techniques to sell on social networks – Social Media – WebMediums
Make good relationships

Trust and respect cannot be achieved overnight. It is better to earn it and that is a process that takes time and requires a lot of patience, because business relationships are human relationships at the end of the road.

Trust must be built over time and if you do it well, you will surely have a longer relationship.

Let's learn to communicate better, be transparent not only try to sell and earn a commission, we must form a stable relationship with the client.

Set posting times

It is essential to know what is the best time or time of day to post on social networks. Know the statistics to be able to reach more people and improve your reach.

If we publish at a suitable time and said publication has many interactions during the first minutes, that publication will have a greater reach and will be shown to more of our followers, because the algorithm considers that it is something relevant and that the audience is liking that content a lot.

It can happen that good content is not published in a particular hour, that publication will not have the impact we are looking for.

That is why the importance of knowing the right moments, you have to do tests and look a little, what are the best hours when there are more of our active followers.

The same social networks provide a lot of information and data where you can see what the best schedules are.

For example, on Facebook we must access statistics and within that button we have the option of publication, there we can analyze which times involve more interactions with our publications and thus plan a strategy for the next one.

Use different communication channels

Content marketing

Advertising is content, and content is at the core of any marketing activity, whether online or not.

Content can be presented in many formats such as blog posts, infographics, podcasts, videos, or even e-books, white papers, and industry reports. You must have a good strategy that brings your content to your audience.

The best techniques to sell on social networks – Social Media – WebMediums
Plate your sales strategy

Web page

This is the base of operations for your marketing initiatives, any piece of content can be hosted on your website or blog such as articles, infographics, videos and on your website, you will have total freedom to try different content formats or experience news that you see fit to attract your audience.

Email marketing

It is another communication channel that they can implement, due to the audience segmentation, targeting and automation functions of mail marketing guarantee a success.

This medium can help you distribute your content among your target audience, you can also segregate your audience according to the stage of purchase where they are and according to the content and products that interest them the most.

Analyze sales results and modify strategies

To analyze, the first thing we need is the data. Data that may have been collected during the measurement period or that is considered reflected in writing.

The results will be great, so take as much time as you can, as this is a necessary and important task that we must do to be successful.

First, take a look at the Excel workbook, which is a tool that you will need to obtain these results. All you have to do is fill in the data that will affect your performance in some way on the sales results.

Perhaps you have been thinking what is the problem of not being able to sell what you expected, for this reason, all the cards should be placed on the table and not leave anything to chance.

So we must analyze sales, products, customers, prices. Sales channels, areas, claims.

The best techniques to sell on social networks – Social Media – WebMediums
Execute and renew strategies

Here is a brief summary: analyze what, to whom, at what price and what type of product you sold, analyze if there are more profitable sales channels for us and the commercial area (if we work locally).

Also check if there is a link between billing and returns next to the results obtained.

By analyzing the data we can see where we are failing, making mistakes and thus be able to modify and improve our sales strategies. It is advisable to study the results at least once a month so as not to continue tripping over the same stone.