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Ancelotti wants to win for the first time at Camp Nou "It's time to do it"

German Centeno
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Ancelotti wants to win for the first time at Camp Nou "It's time to do it"
If you are not afraid, you face a lion thinking that it is a cat

Real Madrid is not playing this Sunday only three points and one more victories in the Spanish classic, but it is the great opportunity for its coach Ancelotti to win for the first time at the Camp Nou. Likewise, they can end up hitting a rival who is going through a managerial, sports, institutional and economic crisis.

Karim Benzema plays the Ballon d'Or where the majority profile him as the main favorite, whose voting closes on Sunday night. Today he has trained with the whole group, after two days in the gym, and he is ready to play the Spanish classic tomorrow.

On the other hand, the Italian coach has answered whether a classic is worth more than three points, to which he replied: "I have never won at the Camp Nou, it is time to do it, although it will not be easy. Three points, but you have to earn them if you want to win the league. "

Ancelotti and how he sees Real Madrid

Ancelotti wants to win for the first time at Camp Nou "It's time to do it"
The Italian coach analyzes Real Madrid

The coach of the Whites has analyzed the team in the run-up to this Sunday's game, this is how he commented the following: "We have recovered Toni Kroos, Marcelo and Mendy, it is good news, we continue to improve. We have to improve something, I want to that we make more advanced pressure, it is necessary to work it ".

The white team also referred to the attack. "Regarding the offensive aspect, I think we are doing well, the creativity of the game and the connections between the players are going well, in that aspect the coach enters less."

"As for the eleven on Sunday I have it quite clear, but I must tell the players first. If Valverde plays it is half, I would be wrong if I ask Valverde to do Rodrygo or vice versa."

He was also asked if he can get Eden Hazard back, who has not played any classic. " Hazard is fine, he will be with the team. It is very difficult for a player who comes from an injury to start. The important thing is that he is already with us."

Ancelotti also denied that they are the favorites and prevents Madrid from carrying that weight: "I don't know who of the two arrives better. I think there are no favorites, Barcelona has played their last games very well. There are many factors that influence these types of games".

They also asked him if he looks at what has been done by the French technician Zidane "Of course, I look at what he has done, it is my main reference, you have to evaluate what has gone well and what has not, and from that to take the correct decisions. "

The Italian coach also reflected on the fear that can be positive: "Fear is good, it is not always bad, you cannot think that you are going to face a cat and then realize that it is a lion, it would be a big mistake. It is something that sometimes you think about it before a game or a training session".

"When you are in the game, you realize if the team is plugged in or not. It is a very constant feeling, it is not a bad feeling. Fortunately, I am never scared, since I consider that there are worse things than losing a game" added the Real Madrid coach.

Similarly, the Italian coach was questioned about the possible appearance of Valverde as a forward in a 4-3-3 game system. "In that game system it has to be medium, if I ask him to do the Rodrygo thing I would be wrong. A player can change his position, but not his qualities."

Carlos Ancelotti also pondered whether a victory or a defeat would affect them emotionally. "Soccer is a sport that allows you to increase your confidence game after game, if we win of course it will be very positive."

"The eleven is very clear, but it is not correct to say it before my players know it. We have recovered several players such as Hazard, Carvajal, among others. They are all very involved. It is a special game that everyone wants to play, we are focused to prepare a good strategy. " Ancelotti added.

The Italian also talks about Vinícius and Ansu Fati, who may be the protagonists of this classic and those of the future. "They are both very young, they have a lot to prove for everything they can do in their careers, those who stay are a game that will always be one of the best in the world. Cristiano's leaves and Messi and others arrive."

"As for the Barcelona squad, I don't like to evaluate that of other teams. They maintain the identity of playing football well. Messi is gone, but the youngsters in the team are really fantastic."

"I want to have a team that can do many things on the field, if you get a unique identity, the opponents can get you weak points more easily. If you can make cons, why not take advantage of them, it is the fastest way to get there to the rival goal ".

Ancelotti also answered about whether having a defensive team was only against Shakhtar or will continue to do so "We did it against them, playing low-block because they play very well between the lines. We hope for that, it turned out well. Each team has its own style and characteristics, Barcelona has other characteristics that are different from us with the ball ".

Finally, the Real Madrid coach joked a bit about his gum "It is the only time in my life where I do it. Being worried is normal, on many occasions fear turns into positive feelings. If you are not afraid you face a lion thinking it's a cat. I have a very strong and high-quality team. "