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Atlético de Madrid cannot beat Levante and draw 2-2

German Centeno
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Atlético de Madrid cannot beat Levante and draw 2-2 – Sports – WebMediums
Atlético de Madrid draws with Levante in Valencia

Everything seems to indicate that Valencia is a field of little luck for Atlético de Madrid, this is how Simeone's men have not been able to with Levante, in a game where they have suffered. So far, this field seems to be cursed for the Argentine coach and his players.

This is how Simeone has only managed to get two wins in ten games. However, this time it was the VAR who prevented the rojiblancos' comeback and the technical director of the colchoneros was sent off with a double yellow card.

Match summary

Atlético de Madrid managed to get hold of the ball for many minutes, who played from one side to the other without losing possession, becoming the masters of the game. Simeone's team can play well in combined play, associated play, throwing walls, at speed or collisions.

It has been possible to see a great game by Héctor Herrera, who was a starter and who until now has not been able to show his full potential with Atlético de Madrid. However, a great display, pressure, vision of the game and a lot of passing quality could be noticed against Levante.

Atlético de Madrid cannot beat Levante and draw 2-2 – Sports – WebMediums
Joao Félix and his great game show

Thanks to the good game of the Mexican, Koke's participation was much better, both players understand each other very well and hence his connection with Griezmann and Joao Félix.

Every time Joao Félix begins to look much more like the crack who arrived and signed with Atlético, so apparently he is recovering his great quality of play, he has much more confidence, he likes to ask for the ball, participate in the game and build the colchoneros attack.

This is how the Portuguese has been playing very well, able to break lines and cheer on his teammates. That is how the colchoneros were owners of the game in a way that is rarely seen, Felix just starting to place a cross pass to Herrera, but it is Griezmann who misses the goal just at minute eleven.

A corner kick at the same minute, a rejection and the center that returns to the area directly at the head of the Frenchman Griezmann so that he can now score the first goal of the match. A player who finds his best form every time, taking into account that he is no longer the same lethal Atlético player he had been for years, but he is beginning to look alike.

The Frenchman is a very participative and sensational player, who begins to leave behind his gray past with Barcelona to resemble Griezmann colchonero again before signing with the Catalan club.

When Atlético felt more comfortable, Levante appeared and that is how it began to dominate the colchoneros, who made an old known mistake. They began to give a stretch of truce due to the euphoria of the goal, that was how Pereira's men rearmed themselves and began to appear at Oblak's goal and began to dream of a comeback.

This is how a poisoned center is sent near the goal defended by the Slovenian goalkeeper, and a heel from Pier that grazes the post and is the product of a great error by Uruguayan Luis Suárez when he hit his clearance with Vezo. Where they end up converting a penalty.

This collection from the eleven steps would be made by Bardhi with a cross shot and quite violent with nothing to do for Oblak. The game went from being intense to being a much calmer game in the second half, neither team was trying to be more than the other.

Levante definitely did not know what to do with the game, whether to go on the attack and look for the comeback or simply hold on and get a point. Atlético seemed like a sleeping team, but awake to get ahead again.

Simeone's team plays in a crouching way, but always having order on the field, it does not advance clearly, so the Argentine had some changes to animate the team, entering De Paul and Correa to shake up the duels.

That was how a wonderful and profound play was invented as a midfielder that would enable Cunha, the Brazilian who made Spain bitter in the Olympic Games and who would be scoring 1-2, a goal that seemed to be final and give the three points to the mattresses for the style of play that was seen on the field.

Atlético de Madrid cannot beat Levante and draw 2-2 – Sports – WebMediums
Atlético de Madrid celebrating his second goal

However, the rojiblancos could not celebrate the three points in Valencia because the referee awarded a penalty that for many was invented, sentencing a hand from Lodi that barely touched the ball, with his arm stuck in the body.

Despite the insistence of the Atlético players that it was not a penalty, Gonzáles Fuertes very determined decrees the penalty at minute 89 so that Bardhi will execute it with great solvency and mark the final draw, so Levante was able to save a point in a miraculous way.

Atlético de Madrid cannot beat Levante and draw 2-2 – Sports – WebMediums
Levante draws at the last minute