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Barcelona does not raise its head and loses to Rayo de Falcao

German Centeno
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Barcelona does not raise its head and loses to Rayo de Falcao
Barcelona in free fall

The Catalans are still in free fall and Koeman does not seem to give any favorable response to the fans and the club's managers. This Wednesday Barcelona has seen quite depressed after having fallen in the classic against Real Madrid and also, quite affected by all the casualties.

This time those of Ronald Koeman have not been able to with a Ray that is growing more and more at home and now with Radamel Falcao in the front it becomes a lethal team. For now, the Catalans are in an area of the table that does not lead them to any classification, ranking five points away from the Champions League positions.

One of the most serious problems of the team right now is the lack of effectiveness that has been seen in these last two games and that is that even those led by the Dutchman have not been able to score a penalty. This is how Dimitrievski has stopped the shot from the eleven steps to Memphis, after Mateu Lahoz sanctioned Óscar Valentín's penalty.

The local goalkeeper guessed the location of the Dutchman's shot and managed to stop it in two halves, although that cost him a great blow to the head.

Everything went wrong from the start

Barcelona does not raise its head and loses to Rayo de Falcao
A Barcelona without ideas

Without a doubt, after missing the penalty, everything looked bad for the Catalans. Koeman during the previous one assured the media that if everything was done well, they had a chance of winning, but apparently everything started going wrong.

Said speech from the Barcelona coach seemed more like that of a team fighting for survival than that of a club like Barcelona used to winning the Spanish League. For now, Ronald Koeman continues to generate many doubts with the fans.

This is how the Camp Nou remains mute and very oblivious to what the Wwmbley hero does, who has clearly lost his pedestal. The Dutch coach was very apathetic after seeing the little evolution of his team in this match.

Barcelona left the field very asleep, they made bad decisions and locked themselves in their own field. While the Rayo players were quite awake and eager to get the three points at home. So far, Falcao's team has not been defeated at home and has scored twelve goals for and two against in four games.

Clearly you can see that Rayo is a very strong team at home, their statistics at home speak for themselves, something that Barcelona apparently overlooked. Koeman had many essential absences for this game, so he put the team together as best he could.

The Catalans came out with Dest as a winger, Sergi Roberto as a winger, with the Brazilian Coutinho in the center of the field and up front with Memphis and Kun Agüero, names that are clearly important and should provide better results.

A Barcelona without ideas and a Koeman without answers

Barcelona does not raise its head and loses to Rayo de Falcao
Falcao scores the winning goal

Everything seems to indicate that this is not the year for Barcelona or for the Dutch coach. Rayo was a superior team and was demonstrated in the first and only goal of the match. Trejo steals a ball from Busquets and filters a very good deep assist to Radamel Falcao to score the goal.

The Colombian did not have any kind of problem to break Gerard Piqué's waist and beat Ter Stegen. It was a play that looked like it would be played in slow motion, very similar to the plays in veterans' League of Stars games.

After a quarter of an hour, Barcelona tried to wake up mentally, shortly after the goal of the tiger Falcao had arrived. From that moment on, Koeman's men took control of the game and possession of the ball, but they lacked depth and no different or unbalancing factors.

In just half an hour of the game, Barcelona had already lost 27 balls, the same ones that it lost to Atlético de Madrid throughout the game. The statistics clearly show a Barcelona without ideas or precision in the passes.

The offensive problem continues to be one of the club's biggest concerns, an effectiveness almost nil and a new blunder by Dest when he shot over the bar, making it clear that he is a defender and not a forward.

For the second half, the problems of Barcelona could be noticed even more, the lack of effectiveness and their lack of experience in the attack, although with Agüero and Memphis at the top, these things should not happen. As almost always they were the owners of the ball and the game, but without hurting the rival.

They were very close to the rival goal, but at the same time very far, since none of the players dared to go deeper or look for the chance to score. Despite not having the ball, Rayo felt comfortable and was getting stronger and stronger in Vallecas, while the Catalans still reluctantly outside the Camp Nou.

Koeman with almost both feet out of Barcelona

Barcelona does not raise its head and loses to Rayo de Falcao
Koeman's goodbye?

Barcelona never found the way to the defense of Rayo, they were not able to pass him, Dest again showed no ideas at the time of having the ball or hitting the rival goal, Kun Agüero was desperate and was not ready to play the 90 minutes according to Koeman and played every minute.

This demonstrated the need for the coach to score a goal and the weaknesses of the team.

The referee of the commitment Mateu Lahoz granted eight minutes of added time, but even if they gave 45 more minutes, Barcelona would not be able to score a goal and much less that Luuk de Jong who had to make a difference did not. Every time his signing is more questioned, since he continues to show a very low performance.

Gavi was the one who had the last opportunity to tie the game, in a clear play where the midfielder was able to finish off clearly inside the area, but the shot went very close, after a great pass from Agüero that allowed him to be alone in front of the goal of the Ray.

The youth squad was very close to saving Barcelona and especially Koeman, who after this new defeat has undoubtedly lost his remaining credits and is getting closer to leaving the team. The Dutchman no longer has arguments and Laporta will try to find him a replacement.