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Barcelona: Dani Alves becomes Xavi Hernández's first signing

German Centeno
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Barcelona: Dani Alves becomes Xavi Hernández's first signing
Dani Alves returns home

The Brazilian defender had not had a team for several months after leaving the Brazilian club São Paulo, 38-year-old Dani Alves has shown a good level in his last seasons as a footballer and who is currently five years after leaving Barcelona.

Being without a team and after the serious economic crisis that the Spanish club is experiencing, the Brazilian side decided to offer himself to the Spanish club that is now managed by Xavi and who were teammates at the club for several years. Remember that Dani Alves left the team in bad shape.

This was due to all the differences that he maintained at the time with Josep Maria Bartomeu. It was thus that at the time of leaving Dani Alves spoke a little of that situation and which was the main responsible for his departure from the Spanish club.

"I did not believe in the leaders who were in the club at that time. Time could show that I was right. As I was the first person to say it, they called me crazy, but, as always, I'm a good crazy." This was one of his complaints after the electoral process in which Joan Laporta was elected for the second time.

Offer by Dani Alves

Barcelona: Dani Alves becomes Xavi Hernández's first signing
Barça's right side returns

Barcelona has taken the offer of the Brazilian side very seriously. This is how the new coach of the Spanish club gave him the go-ahead and today the same club has made the return of Dani Alves official, "A culé returns home" With this phrase they have announced the return of another ex-Barcelona.

Clearly, the Brazilian has seen the perfect opportunity to remove his thorn from the way he left the team and let himself be loved. Both Mateu Alemany and Joan Laporta have described their return as something positive, although only the approval of Xavi was missing, who has already given it.

Xavi Hernández had some doubts with Dani Alves, firstly because of the player's age and how fit he may be, considering that he has not played for a few months.

However, after a first analysis and after seeing all the options he had on the table, the Catalan coach has given the green light for the arrival of the full-back again. Alvez would be featured next week.

The negotiation with the Brazilian full-back has been extremely fast, who had the freedom card and was desperate to be able to wear the Barcelona shirt again. In addition, the Catalan club that right now is in a very critical financial situation has offered him a symbolic token.

Just like the one that Pau Gasolen had on his return to the Blaugrana team, and they will be rewarding them with incentives if they get a good result at the end of the season. One of the objectives of Dani Alves is to be able to get a good state of form to try to go to the World Cup in Qatar.

Right now Dani Alves has not been part of the Brazilian squad in the last knockout games, but with his return to Barcelona he will try to get a better moment that allows him to return to the national team and thus be able to attend the next World Cup event.

If so, that would be his last participation in an international competition with the Brazilian team, taking into account that his return to Barça has not been for financial reasons. Alves knows very well that earning ownership at the Barça club would allow him to once again have a place in the national team.

The Barça will try to take advantage of his experience

Barcelona: Dani Alves becomes Xavi Hernández's first signing
Xavi seeks to take advantage of Alves' experience with the youngest

Dani Alves has not only received the approval of Xavi and company for his quality of play and for everything he achieved at the club, but he would also be an example for the youngest of the squad.

It is not a secret for anyone that the Barça leadership is convinced to rejuvenate the squad and prepare it with the experience of the players who have been at the club for a long time. In addition, since the departure of Dani Alves the club has had many problems getting a guaranteed right -back, another reason that has convinced everyone.

The Brazilian full-back arrives to fight for that position with Mingueza and Dest, who is currently the one who has held it the most times as a starter, although he will also have the mission of training the young talents that are in the club.

Given the irregularities of Dest and Mingueza in that position, the former Barça technicians had placed Sergi Roberto as a starter in the right-back position, so Koeman made the decision to place him in that defensive position.

However, Sergi Roberto is a player who performs much more in the midfield and with the arrival of Dani Alves the opportunity opens for the Brazilian to occupy that position at least during this season while the two young full-backs finish taking the experience necessary.

This will also allow Sergi Roberto to return to his natural position and where he performs best, so that Barcelona could recover its squad as the season progresses.

Without a doubt the arrival of Dani Alves improves the current Barça squad and above all gives a break to the defensive zone.