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Kun Agüero could play for Real Madrid

German Centeno
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Kun Agüero could play for Real Madrid – Sports – WebMediums
Agüero already wears the Barcelona shirt

The Argentine forward always dreamed of wearing the Real Madrid shirt when he was one of the main stars of Atlético de Madrid. However, a non-aggression pact between both clubs would prevent this, which prohibits players from signing between them.

However, Kun Agüero is now about to play his first Spanish classic, but defending the Barcelona shield.

The Argentine striker has finally been able to make his debut for the Barcelona team against Valencia, where he played his first three minutes wearing this uniform and against Dinamo Kiev, Ronald Koeman allowed him to play 15 more minutes.

Recovery on time

Kun Agüero could play for Real Madrid – Sports – WebMediums
Available to play this Sunday the classic

Everything seems to indicate that the Argentine has recovered just in time to be present in what will be his first Barcelona-Real Madrid classic this coming Sunday, which will be played at 4:15 p.m.

The story could have been another and Kun Agüero could already have several classics behind him, but on that occasion defending the shirt of the white team, who despite having been interested in the player in the past, could never get his services, the greatest interest of Real Madrid was in the summer of 2011.

At that time, Kun Agüero was the star of Atlético de Madrid, and the one who had asked the rojiblancos to be able to leave the team to fight for the titles that he could not get as a mattress. The Argentine liked the idea of continuing in Madrid and just changing shirts.

The kun was one of Florentino Pérez's biggest dreams at that time, since the forward fit perfectly into his transfer policies, where at that time he would have had to compete with his teammate Higuain and with Benzema, the main figure of the white team.

Most believe that if Kun had arrived at Real Madrid at that time, the Higuain pipe would have come out faster.

Despite all the intentions of Madrid to hire him and the player to sign, the pact prevented the Argentine striker from fulfilling his dream.

It was the English team of Manchester City who would do their services with a purchase of 40 million euros. During his time at Atlético, he managed to score 100 goals and 45 assists and have been his springboard to glory.

Agüero a Manchester City legend

Kun Agüero could play for Real Madrid – Sports – WebMediums
Manchester City legend

His best sporting moment would come in English football with City, where he became a legend not only of the club, but of the Premier in general. The Argentine managed to play a number of 390 official matches with the club, where he scored 260 goals and 73 assists and in his last game with the Citizens he said goodbye with a double.

Kun Agüero managed to play for 10 years at Manchester City, being the team's top scorer during all that time, and he is also the fourth player with the most goals in the history of the Premier. This last summer he was signed by Barcelona after many rumors, his main wish to be able to play with his teammate Messi.

Despite his intentions to meet Messi, the economic situation of the Spanish club had a surprise for him, this was that Leo Messi would end up at PSG, so his dream of playing with the best in the world cannot be fulfilled, something similar as what of Real Madrid.

However, now he will have Ansu Fati by his side, who is in charge of taking the number "10" that Messi left and the great person in charge of replacing him. While the kun will have the number "19" on his back, where for now he only seeks to make his debut as a scorer in Spain, so we only have to wait if he will be part of the starting eleven this Sunday.