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Mané a footballer who prefers to build hospitals than to drive Ferraris

German Centeno
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Mané a footballer who prefers to build hospitals than to drive Ferraris
Sadio Mané in Senegal

Sadio Mane, Liverpool forward and one of the main figures of the English team has been characterized as a player who prefers to build hospitals than to drive luxurious Ferraris.

In this way, Mané has financed with his salary, which is 6.5 million a year, according to the English press, the construction of a hospital, a school and a foundation in Bambaly, a town of approximately 25,000 inhabitants in Senegal.

A town located on the border with the Gambia and where its people are dedicated to the cultivation of bananas and fishing. Sadio Mané is a player who comes from a lot of poverty, one of the main reasons why he prefers to help the people of his locality than to ride in luxurious cars.

Mané and his reality in a documentary

Mané a footballer who prefers to build hospitals than to drive Ferraris
Mané a humble player and concerned about his people

According to the player's documentary "Ballonbuwa" (ball magician) some statements could be obtained from the young Senegalese where he comments the following about his personal life and that it has reached the hearts of many people. A documentary that became very popular during the pandemic in 2020.

"My parents never had the opportunity or the money to send me to school" were one of his main words in 2019 when he returned to Senegal to inaugurate the school called Bambaly.

His father dies when he is only seven years old, left alone with his mother who had difficulty raising such a large family, Mané decides to move to his uncle's house. "Since I was three or four years old, I played with a ball, although this was not always the case. Sometimes we played soccer with grapefruits or other fruits," commented the player.

"That's how I started in this sport, I saw children play in the streets and I joined them. When I was older I began to watch some games on television, especially those of the Senegal team. I liked watching my heroes and imagine it was one of them "these were some of Sadio's words.

How do you get to professional football?

Mané a footballer who prefers to build hospitals than to drive Ferraris
Mané and Salah at Liverpool

Sadio Mané was a very talented player since he was little, that is how his mother and uncle sold all the agricultural production of their farms in order to raise the money so that he could carry out his football project.

This is how he managed to emigrate to Dakar with an unknown family and that, years later, he would be recruited by one of the scouts from Metz, in France. Sadio Mané managed to get to professional football and since then he has passed through Salzburg and Southampton before arriving at Liverpool in 2016, which coincided with the arrival of Jürgen Klopp at Anfield.

" I arrived in France on January 4, 2011, the first thing I remember about that is the wind. It was very windy, and the cold was very intense." The Senegalese commented on his arrival in professional football.

Sadio already has five seasons and the current one in progress with Liverpool, since then he has shone at the forefront of the English team and is considered one of the best in the club. He shares the lead with Firmino and Salah, forming one of the best tridents in Europe.

During all this time, Mané has played a total of 172 games and has scored 80 goals for an average of 0.44 goals per game. He is currently 29 years old and despite all the success he has achieved in his short career, he does not forget his origins.

Some of Mané's other works

Mané a footballer who prefers to build hospitals than to drive Ferraris
School made by Sadio Mané

Sadio Mané also donated a sum of 300,000 euros for the construction of a school that bears his surname. The forward has made it very clear that his main motivation is to help the people of his country and not have luxuries that are useless.

"Why do I want to have ten Ferraris, twenty diamond watches or two airplanes? This kind of thing that they are going to do for me or for the world that needs so much? I do not need luxury cars or houses, nor airplanes and long trips. I feel better if mine receive a little of what life has given me", Mané explained during an interview on Senegalese television.

On June 20 of this year Sadio Mané inaugurated the Bambaly Hospital, which recalls on the facade of the hospital that it was offered and premiered by the soccer player Sadio Mané. The construction of the hospital cost 530,000 euros according to the report of the mayor of the town.

"I went very hungry, played barefoot, worked in the fields and did not go to school. I prefer to build schools, give food and clothing to poor people or build hospitals, this makes me happier." Summarized the solidarity footballer from Senegal.