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Mbappé reconciles with the PSG public

German Centeno
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Mbappé reconciles with the PSG public – Sports – WebMediums
Kylian is cheered on being substituted

According to Kylian Mbappé's statements during the international break, where he assured that last summer he wanted to leave PSG and thus his current team would have been able to earn good money with his sale, and where his intention would have been to go to Real Madrid, they have past unnoticed by the public of the Park of the Princes.

It must be remembered that the relationship between the forward and the followers of the French club was not being the best, mainly due to the footballer's intentions to go to the white club.

However, during yesterday's game against Angers, the forward was decisive with an assist and the winning goal in the final stretch.

On injury time Pochettino decides to change him, and he receives a great ovation from the public present in the stadium, so it is believed that there is a reconciliation with the French international.

Ovation for Mbappé

Mbappé reconciles with the PSG public – Sports – WebMediums
Reconciliation between Mbappé and fans

The talented player would be replaced in the last minutes by Dina Ebimbe and the PSG public applauded him very loudly, even chanting his name and showing him the love they have had for him during all these seasons.

From the whistles at the beginning of the season has passed to the applause.

This becomes an example that PSG supporters trust that the French striker will renew with the club, something that for now may be possible, recalling the famous interview given by the player's mother, where he affirms that the negotiation for his renewal is going very well.

The forward assisted Danilo for the first goal against Angers with a great left-foot pass and then decided from the penalty spot to place the winning goal.

Mbappé reconciles with the PSG public – Sports – WebMediums
Kylian celebrating the winning goal

Possible tactic to convince you to renew?

Mbappé reconciles with the PSG public – Sports – WebMediums
PSG gambles everything to convince him to renew

The war between PSG and Real Madrid for Kylian Mbappé is getting stronger every time.

Leonardo recently showed his anger against the Spanish club, when he commented that several people from Madrid speak of Mbappé as if he were already theirs, which he accused as a lack of respect for the French club.

PSG wants to retain Kylian and for this they may offer him a millionaire contract, likewise, the young player's friends and family try to convince him to stay in Paris.

However, the player is the only person who can decide on his future when he is free from January 1.

So far he has not wanted to renew with PSG and everything seems to indicate that he will no longer do so, but with the great support of the public and with the affection they have shown him yesterday, the future of the French forward can take a turn at any minute.

For now, it only remains to wait until January 1 when the transfer market opens again and find out what his future will be.

Many assure that everything is ready for him to sign with Real Madrid long before that date arrives.