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News about Ansu Fati, Trincao and Dani Alves in Barcelona

Fermín Díaz
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News about Ansu Fati, Trincao and Dani Alves in Barcelona – Sports
Ansu Fati could return to the courts earlier than planned

There is a last minute surprise after Ansu Fati's injury, it seemed that he was going to have a long time, between 4-6 weeks off. This implied that if the 6 weeks was fulfilled, we would not be able to see Ansu Fati until after the December holidays, that is, until 2022.

Apparently things have changed and for the better. The player has traveled with the trusted physiotherapist, with whom he was in the last stretch of his last injury. He has told you not to worry because your injury is not as serious as previously stated.

Therefore, in this case, you have to check if the club's medical services have failed again with the diagnosis of this injury. Because they assure Ansu that at the end of this month he will be able to join Xavi's orders and that he will be able to train again, that the injury is not so serious and that is why the terms of his recovery have already been shortened.

Possible return from Trincao to Barcelona

They are saying that Trincao could return to Barza at the request of Xavi, since he wants to play with open ends, he is thinking about Trincao's return.

Remember that he is on loan to an English team, and that that team has a purchase option at the end of the season of 30 million euros and that to go on loan this season they have paid 6 million euros for him.

News about Ansu Fati, Trincao and Dani Alves in Barcelona – Sports
Xavi has requested that Trincao return to Barcelona

If Barza wants to get him back, he will have to pay or at least forgive half of that financial compensation, because Barza may have the option to get him back.

In players' sessions, a player recovery clause is often established if their team requires it due to injury issues, for example. It would be a good option, although it could truncate the progress of Barza B players.

But if the presence of players with more experience on the field is necessary, then it would be understood that they came. This is already DT Xavi's decision.

The arrival of Dani Alves to the club

Today there was a meeting between Xavi, Dani Alves, Laporta and two Barza executives. These two managers will be in the presence of what will be discussed. Dani Alves has all the power to be in the Barza.

The salary record was lowered, he waited, and he did not sign with any team in South America because he wanted to play for Barza. But it is time to sign the preliminary agreement.

Several weeks ago it had been said that if Dani Alves accepted that players would leave the winter transfer market, and he would enter. The reality is that Xavi wants him from experience, because he can contribute a lot to the team in defense and attack on the wings.

News about Ansu Fati, Trincao and Dani Alves in Barcelona – Sports
The veteran and Olympic champion Dani Alves is to the liking Xavi to return to Barcelona

Xavi does not like the player Serginho Dest as a winger because he does not consider it a guarantee in defense, what's more, the North American Dest is part of the list of casualties that Xavi has said along with other players such as Umtiti, Coutinho, Lenglet, among others.

Despite his age, Brazilian Alves surpasses many in that position, both as a winger and winger. The problem continues to be that you have to get players out so that Dani can join the squad.

So, the meeting is to define a preliminary agreement and to define the forms, because the player would enter Dani Alves.