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PSG was aware of Sergio Ramos' physical condition when he signed last summer

German Centeno
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In recent days, news has spread where it is ensured that the PSG club does not rule out terminating the contract of Spanish defender Sergio Ramos due to physical problems that still prevent him from making his debut with the French club. This has been made known by the newspaper Le Parisien, a medium very close to the Paris club.

However, the newspaper has published today that the club's doctors alerted them to the hiring of the Andalusian central defender about the problems that he already had with his calf and knee, so far the two injuries that continue to prevent him from making his debut in Paris since last May 5 I arrived in the French capital.

With this they assure that the PSG doctors already knew the state of the central Sergio Ramos, so they cannot feel cheated or robbed with the current situation of the player.

Latest medical reports on Ramos

PSG was aware of Sergio Ramos' physical condition when he signed last summer
Ramos does not finish recovering completely at PSG

Although the player's knee has already improved a lot, it is the calf that keeps the Spanish defender off the courts, who is currently limited to the training grounds of Paris Saint Germain and with a rather uncertain future.

Sergio Ramos has not yet been able to make his debut for a single minute with his current club, his return continues to continue week after week and both fans and club leaders seem to lose patience with the central defender. So right now the future of the player in Paris is quite complicated.

The French press has announced on several occasions the return of the Spanish defender, but when the day arrives a new report is known about his injury that does not allow him to return. Until now, his name still does not appear on Mauricio Pochettino's list, which continues to generate a lot of concern in everyone.

PSG's plan after signing Ramos

PSG was aware of Sergio Ramos' physical condition when he signed last summer
PSG loses patience with Sergio Ramos

According to the news published by Le Parisien, the PSG doctors after analyzing the physical condition of the player who was signed as a free agent from Real Madrid, and learning about his injuries, decided to create a plan for the defender, which consisted of to be rehabilitated during the month of July.

This would allow Sergio Ramos to be in the team dynamics for the month of August, the month when the season began. However, Ramos' debut anxiety is believed to have been one of the reasons for so many relapses in recent weeks.

And is that the Sevillian has tried to force his recovery on more than one occasion, but the calf still does not heal at all and keeps him out of the field. A very complicated situation for the Spanish defender who, like his current team, loses patience with him.