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Real Madrid: Ancelotti defends Bale "He is a player committed to the team"

German Centeno
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Real Madrid: Ancelotti defends Bale "He is a player committed to the team"
Bale is called up with his Wales national team

Two months after Bale's injury with Real Madrid became known, he has now been called up with his Wales team despite the fact that the player has not yet trained with the Madrid group, but despite this he is in the call of his selection.

With this news that has been released, the Welsh would be playing for his team the next break for the Qatar 2022 World Cup qualification. This news has been a new example for Real Madrid fans about the lack of empathy shown by the player with the club that pays you.

And it is that the lack of interest of the player with Real Madrid comes from seasons ago, mainly from his problems with Zidane. However, in the face of so much criticism, Ancelotti has come out to defend Bale and lower the spirits against him a bit.

"Bale is a very committed player with the team. His situation is quite clear. He has had a very important injury that has left him out for a long time, so he has needed a long recovery. He can go back to training with the group before the game against Rayo and his national team he has called him because he needs it".

"There they will have to evaluate if he can play or not, if the player is fully recovered, then we will be happy that he plays with his national team. If he manages to accumulate minutes, then he can return to Madrid in better condition". Ancelotti added.

Other important names in Madrid

Real Madrid: Ancelotti defends Bale "He is a player committed to the team"
Hazard and his recovery stage

Carlos Ancelotti has had a fairly long press conference with many names from his team. Another name that came to light was Hazard, to which the Italian coach answered the following:

"I do not think he will disengage just because he has minutes now. He is training very well. Players who do not play must have faith. Nobody thought that Mariano's moment could come, and it came, and he has done very well, I enjoy it, showing a lot of professionalism".

"What Mariano has done is what Hazard and the others who are not playing at the moment have to do", Ancelotti added. Others who have participated in this press conference has been Carvajal, who has also sent a message to the Belgian.

"His situation is not easy, although it seems that he gives everything, the truth is that it is not like that. He tries to change, he does different routines, the coach is managing him very well. I am sure that when he takes the rhythm of the competition and have good feelings, he will be a great player again, and he will surely be among the top 10 in the world".

The Belgian has not been the only case that Ancelotti wants to reverse, and it is that Asensio is another of the footballers that the Italian coach knows he can recover, so he has said the following:

"I asked Marco to enjoy his characteristics. He has an incredible left leg punch, and we should enjoy that, both in shooting and passing. He has managed to give two assists in recent games. It has been and continues to be important for him U.S.".

"As is also happening with Jovic, he is happy to be at Real Madrid. I try to give him all my love whenever I can because he is a striker that I like. He has the best striker in the world in front of him, which is Benzema, he must have faith. To hope that he recovers well from the knee because he will have minutes". Carlos Ancelotti assured.

Carvajal already 100% recovered

Real Madrid: Ancelotti defends Bale "He is a player committed to the team"
Carvajal returns to Madrid

The Italian coach knows very well that his team needs to improve their performance at the Santiago Bernabéu, where they will face Shakhtar in the group stage of the Champions League, an important match for them to ensure qualification for the round of 16.

The Whites have had a hard time seeing the opponent's goal and winning in their own stadium, but they are still quite optimistic. This is how Carvajal seems to be fully recovered again, after having overcome a black stage of injuries.

"I have tried to find the causes of everything negative during this time, that has been my main concern. That is why I have made a global calculation, the way to manage training, food, the way to rest and the loads of forces. The objective of all this is to add up and that each area contributes its grain of sand to avoid injuries ".

"It is true that right now I have a much stricter and more rare diet. A diet without wheat and gluten, and it has been good for me. It is as if I had to eat broccoli morning, noon and night. I already want to go back to continuity, I'm clean upside down, hard and eager and with a positive mentality to come back. " Defender Carvajal assured before the press conference.