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Real Madrid defeats Rayo Vallecano in a very difficult game for the banks

German Centeno
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Real Madrid defeats Rayo Vallecano in a very difficult game for the banks
Real Madrid beats Rayo Vallecano

The Real Madrid team will be able to sleep as leader of La Liga after beating a complicated Rayo Vallecano with a score of 2 goals to 1. Ancelotti's have been better during almost the entire stretch of the game, but again the delay in the changes of the Italian and the fatigue of Madrid has taken its toll.

This is how those led by Andoni Iraola tried to take advantage of this and the last minutes grew to the point where a tie was something very possible. You could see a very fast match from the first minute of play.

Not even the first minute had elapsed when the Lightning through a counter already tested Courtois. Real Madrid started the game scared and as the minutes progressed the game became a round trip until Ancelotti's men became the owners of the game.

A disallowed goal

Real Madrid defeats Rayo Vallecano in a very difficult game for the banks
Benzema scores 2-0 of the match

Those led by Carlos Ancelotti were able to go ahead in the scoring from very early on by a goal disallowed by Karim Benzema for offside just five minutes later. Later the same thing would happen to Toni Kroos, the main one would annul his goal.

However, thanks to the collaboration of the VAR they could confirm that the goal of the German player was completely legal and therefore, the score was placed 1-0 in favor of Madrid.

This goal would serve for the home team to feel much more comfortable in the game, who little by little were gaining meters and got into the Rayo Vallecano field until another great play by the whites would arrive so that now if Karim Benzema would score the 2-0 of the game at minute 38.

Everything seemed to indicate that Real Madrid already had this game in their pocket and that the number of goals would increase in order to achieve a completely comfortable victory. But the truth of everything was that with the passing of the minutes Madrid was declining again while Rayo woke up.

A tired Madrid against an awake Rayo Vallecano

Real Madrid defeats Rayo Vallecano in a very difficult game for the banks
Radamel Falcao allows Rayo to dream

There is no doubt that Ancelotti's men were much superior in almost the entire stretch of the game and that just 40 minutes into the first half they were already winning two goals to zero, but as the minutes passed the gasoline in their players was running out again.

You could see the same thing that happened in the match for the group stage of the Champions League, despite this, Ancelotti again delayed with the changes despite the wear and tear of the team. This was something that Rayo Vallecano knew how to take advantage of to gain many more meters on the pitch.

Vinicius's Maradona-style imbalance attempts or Benzema's attempts to do damage faded, especially when Iraola's team's attempts had an effect on the opposing goal.

This time the Colombian would start from the bench, but his entry helped change the visiting team and that was how Radamel Falcao himself would get the discount goal at minute 76 to establish the 2-1. Once again, the Colombian showed that he was in exceptional shape.

After the goal of the match fell, Rayo Vallecano would grow so much that the tie was much closer than a possible third goal for the locals. The visitors had a great counter where Baby ended the play where the ball would crash into Courtois' crossbar.

That was how both Courtois and Toni Kroos saved Real Madrid twice in a row in discount minutes. The Rayo players also requested a possible penalty from Camavinga, who started as a starter replacing Luka Modrić.

This was some changes of the Real Madrid team together with Hazard, who has again been pointed out. The Belgian this time has only played 7 minutes plus added time entering by Karim Benzema at minute 83 of the game.