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Real Madrid: Place Eden Hazard in the transfer market

German Centeno
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Real Madrid: Place Eden Hazard in the transfer market – Sports – WebMediums
Hazard available for sale for Real Madrid

Clubs like Real Madrid usually wait for the progress of a player and especially a star for a maximum of a year or two years, but three years is usually a long time, and it is something that does not work for the club. These lows of the players can be due to serious injuries that take him away from his future as has happened with Eden Hazard.

So far the figure of Chelsea and Belgium has not been able to shine since his arrival at the Santiago Bernabéu. He has participated in a total of 53 games in 27 months, which indicates that he has played 2 games per month since his arrival, a very low statistic.

Now if you add up all the minutes of the game, taking into account that he has entered the second half on many occasions, then he would only summarize 32 complete games since his arrival at Real Madrid. The time has come to make decisions regarding Hazard and Ancelotti has not been slow to make them.

The Belgian player has become a luxury substitute for Ancelotti, and it is a situation that contrasts with his high annual record, being one of the highest in the club together with that of Bale, another player who does not play fluently with the club.

Therefore, Real Madrid have very expensive players in their squad, and they basically don't play. In the case of Eden Hazard, his record is twelve million euros per campaign not counting the bonuses and his clause is close to 300 million euros.

Hazard's absence is the motivation of others

Real Madrid: Place Eden Hazard in the transfer market – Sports – WebMediums
Hazard a door for the youngest of the team

The absence of Eden Hazard in the starting eleven has allowed other players like Vinicius to exploit their full potential, and it is thanks to this that they have been able to receive continuity for three consecutive seasons, something that is very difficult to achieve in a team like Real Madrid.

The Brazilian has had the opportunity and has managed to win it on his own merits, so much so that right now he is above Hazard. In this way, Vinicius ends with the few possibilities that Hazard has to play in the team, which has made him a luxury substitute.

But not only is it Vinicius, but other players like Rodrygo and Marco Asensio are also above Hazard in terms of game opportunities. Ancelotti has done his best to find again the man who three years ago was in the top 5 of the best in the world, but who has not been able to return.

Hazard cost 155 million, he is currently collecting a net twelve million plus bonuses per season and is in a situation that is not favorable for him and much less for the club, who made a very great effort in terms of economics to hire him.

Hazard's physical problems

Real Madrid: Place Eden Hazard in the transfer market – Sports – WebMediums
Physical problems your biggest enemies

Physical problems have been his worst enemy since he arrived at the white team, which has been affected by so many surgical operations on the fibula, which does not merit that he can be given two full consecutive games, according to the medical reports that Ancelotti has.

This has caused the minutes to be graduated to avoid a new physical injury. In this case Hazard must not exceed 70 minutes of play per match and the third match must leave after half an hour. The result of all this is that the Belgian has a very difficult time being a permanent starter at Real Madrid when he has already had three seasons at the club.

Currently, his role as a star of world football is over and right now he will be in the transfer market for Real Madrid. If Eden Hazard decides to leave in January, he could be getting the prominence that right now with Ancelotti he does not have and will not have in the near future.

The club will not resist letting him go in January or July, considering that the money he is spending on him is not being returned and that is something that the Belgian knows very well. The player is clear of his reality no matter how harsh it is.

Right now Hazard is in the last option of Ancelotti, and it has been the same Italian technician who emphasizes that the ideal system for the team is 4-3-3 and in that scheme he has Vinicius, Rodrygo and Asensio ahead, and it could be verified in the matches against Elche and Osasuna.

This is a situation that has been seen in almost every game except the season opener where Ancelotti put Bale, Benzema and Hazard on the attack line. But this line of attack would not last at all, Bale and Hazard injured and Vinicius and Rodrygo earning the starting positions.

Eden Hazard on the market right now

Carlos Ancelotti has already shown him that he is the last in the white row and that right now he is on the market, so it is transferable. It is the third option to start behind Asensio and Rodrygo and even for Mariano who started, and the Belgian remained on the bench.

For all this, Ancelotti has made it very clear that Hazard has no field in the team right now and that the best thing for him is to look for another club. In this third season it was necessary to take a course for Hazard and his performance shows that he cannot continue at Real Madrid, and he knows it very well.

The same Belgian player has said that he likes to be a protagonist in his team and command the attacks. Something that has completely lost in the white set. Some of his relatives have said "he does not like to be a comparsa and in these types of situations he prefers to look for other teams"

Eden Hazard is a leading player, but at Real Madrid he could not be. A reality that neither Madrid nor him like. Eden needs to be in a place that provides everything he needs as it was at Chelsea where he reached his best sporting moment.

For now, several teams from England are studying their recruitment including Chelsea, which would undoubtedly be the first candidate for Eden Hazard. If they talk to Madrid, the club will agree, but the Belgian player has the answer to all this, he must decide if he wants to leave in January or prefers to wait until July in search of a miracle in the white team.

Carlos has said on several occasions that "if a footballer wants to leave, he will never stop him." In a few words, it is a message addressed to players such as Isco, Bale, Hazard, Jovic, Diaz Medía and Mariano, players who currently do not count for the Italian coach.