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Real Madrid: Vinicius will renew for six years at the end of the season

German Centeno
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Real Madrid: Vinicius will renew for six years at the end of the season
Vinicius lives his best moment

Vinicius has become this season one of the greatest promises in world football, being so young he has shown that he is very focused and has a clear vision for the future. With the arrival of Ancelotti to the team, the Brazilian feels well advised.

If you compare the Vinicius of last season or the one before that with that of now, you can see that he is a player who does not explode, takes the ball, concentrates and thinks about what he is going to do. It took him three years at Real Madrid to reach his best sporting moment.

The Brazilian has had to go through many moments of criticism since he arrived at Real Madrid, so much so that he became one of the worst forwards in Europe and right now he is among one of the best. All this thanks to his work and the confidence that Carlos Ancelotti has given him on the field of play.

During some interviews in the past, Vinicius made it very clear that he was not looking at the tree but at the forest, so he has shown that despite his young age he is very clear about what he wants to achieve and that right now he is on the right path, so you should take advantage of it.

Vinicius and his future at Real Madrid

Real Madrid: Vinicius will renew for six years at the end of the season
He could renew for six more years at Madrid

It didn't take long for Vinicius's comparisons to begin with other players like Neymar, one of the top stars in Brazilian football. Despite the good moment that the Real Madrid player is going through, he knows very well that he still has a lot to improve and do to be compared with the great figures of his country.

Right now Vini Jr, as he also calls himself, has made it clear that he is not thinking of signing a new contract or charging more. "Money is not everything, I am not asking for a contract increase just by being in the best club in the world with that I have" were some of the forward's words.

However, the new contract and the salary increase will come by itself, all thanks to the high level of sports that it has been showing. Vinicius Paixao de Oliverira Junior has become one of the most sought-after footballers in the world, but the best thing for Real Madrid is that this young man is very clear that he wants to stay in Madrid.

This is what the Brazilian has made known on several occasions, who has clearly said that he wants to triumph and win everything at Real Madrid, which he considers the best club in Europe and the world. For now, both parties feel comfortable, both the player with the club and the club with him, so the contract renewal is closer than expected.

Records this season

Vinicius has played so far fifteen games this season where he has managed to score nine goals and five assists, of which seven goals and two assists have been in La Liga and two goals and three passes in the Champions League, the last two assists in the European Cup have been against Shakhtar.

With these numbers he has managed to match his scoring record in the last two seasons with Real Madrid under the command of Zidane. In which he scored four goals in the previous season and five goals two years ago, too low numbers for a forward on this team.

Now Vinicius is being very well advised by Ancelotti and receiving all the confidence of the Italian. The Brazilian knows that he is triumphing in the white team and right now he will not move from here, Madrid is an ideal team so that he can exploit all his attacking virtues.

It is characterized by its explosive speed, dribbling and great mastery of the ball at its feet. He has managed to improve his definition this season compared to the previous ones, and he knows that he has a lot to improve in that regard. Ancelotti advised you to shoot first time and not think so much, tips that have seemed to have an effect so far.

Madrid has a new contract for Vinicius

Real Madrid: Vinicius will renew for six years at the end of the season
Vinicius until 2028

The Whites know they have a future player in their squad, and they don't want to let him go, they want him to continue progressing at the club and thus be able to take him to his best level for the next few seasons. Everything indicates that this will be the first of many great seasons for the young Brazilian who is on the doorstep of fame.

Thus, slowly but surely, Ancelotti's team prepares a new contract for Vini Jr, who ends his current contract in 2024. For this reason, the Spanish club will be negotiating the renewal with two years to go, the renewal will be he would be doing at the end of this season, so that the conversations will not affect him in the current course.

The safest thing is that it will not influence anything, since it is thought that there will not be any kind of problem for money or for the time of the contract. The white objective is to make a new contract for six years, so it would go from 2022 to 2028, at that time it would be 28 years old. It would practically be the same extension that was given to Fede Valverde.

This is how Real Madrid would continue to ensure the youngest of the team for many years, thinking about the future that these players have and that they are called the promises of tomorrow. Current football goes through a new generation in which Vinicius is one of the most important.

Currently, the Brazilian is earning 3.5 million euros per year and the new file would indicate a very important increase in his salary, so he would be jumping to a new economic step. It is believed that the player's new salary would be between 5.5 million euros per season and that he could have different bonuses that would significantly increase his earnings.

All these aspects will be on the air at the time of carrying out the new negotiation. His current clause is 700 million, it is believed that after the new contract at the end of the season it will equal that of Bale and Benzema, which is 1,000 million.

A clause that Cristiano Ronaldo also had, although it is also thought that he could exceed that figure and remain at 1,100 million to become the highest in the club and thus demonstrate his importance to them. However, all that will be defined in due course.